Loana almost without clothes: she comes out of silence on her very worrying state of health!

modified: 2022-09-16 22:07:01

Loana appears half-naked on the last post she made on her social network! At the same time, she wanted to give more explanations about her state of health!


Loana's health has been worrying her fans for quite some time. Apparently, the former Loft star is not on her plate. In recent weeks, the person concerned has seen other madnesses which were far from proving that she was really sick! However, the young woman who is still controversial does not let herself be walked on and finally decides to speak. Through her Instagram, she gives the long-awaited explanations. We reveal the details in the following lines!

Loana: His state of health worries his fans!

Many rumors made the rounds of the Web during the latest weeks that have passed. And most of them were all about Loana.

Apparently, the young woman is not in top form. However, she never revealed anything on this subject. At least, not before last Thursday, September 15. Indeed, the ex-star of Loft finally thought of restoring the truth about his state of health disturbing !

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Recently, a controversial photo of the young Loana was posted on the Net. If this shot had been so echoed, it was because it had that little something that caught the attention of Internet users.

And besides, this was indeed the case since the famous reality TV candidate was unrecognizable ! Obviously, his fans wondered about what is really happening.

She is still ironic about her case!

But for Loana, it was too much! Indeed, some internet users took the opportunity to disclose hate speech about him.

Annoyed, the star of Loft or even the best friend of Eryl Prayer, decided to deliver all the explanations through his Instagram account. Definitely, she will always find the perfect way to handle the situation!

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It is then with an air joyful that Loana got in touch with her subscribers! Before declaring that everything is fine and that his community no longer need to worry about her. Of course, she did not fail to mention the insane remarks that continue to circulate about her person.

'Every misstep I take is bullied,' she wrote. Before saying more: 'But I wanted to show you the 10am Lolo without makeup and dying of laughter, far from all that can be said about me'! “I adore you and I hope that my video made you laugh,” she captioned the post.

Loana: “It happens to freak out”!

However, the leaked images of her were far from being faked. A detail that Loana did not deny. 'I know you've seen some not-so-nice pictures of me lately, but it does freak out sometimes…'!

The young woman wanted to explain to herself that she had just farted a cable and that can happen to everybody . Still, this wasn't the first time she's seen herself dragged into such embarrassing situations. A detail that Internet users have not failed to mention!

'Why are you filming so close when you're not in his condition, there's no need to do that,' one comment read. internet user . While others were clear in their words that the explanations she had given were far from reassuring.

'It either looks like you've been drinking or you're on drugs,' they said! 'You don't even realize your lens is undone and you're laughing for nothing...' another Instagram follower also wrote!