Loana ousted from Dancing with the stars because of an international star, unexpected revelations!

modified: 2022-09-24 22:54:02

Loana missed the selection in the famous show Dancing with the Stars. And it seems that one of the candidates of the program was the cause!

  Dance with the stars

In this new edition of Dancing with the Stars , you will be amazed by exceptional talents! On the stage, the participants will give you their best performances of dance. Otherwise, the casting has already taken place previously to see each of their performances. And apparently, Loana missed the selection because of a reputable candidate. See the details !

Dancing with the stars: Loana and her career on television!

Who knows Loana better than tv show fans ? The French knew him thanks to his participation in various shows. Seen in 'I'm a Celebrity', 'Les Anges' and others programmes popular. And this year, the blonde wanted to participate in Dancing with the Stars .

For several years, this 45-year-old starlet marked the French by being on the screen ! And on the M6 ​​channel, the latter was considered for the first time as the star of the cameras . In addition, his celebrity status has enjoyed real success in France . Especially, to his beginning of history with Jean-Edouard .

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Are career evolution stands out in the eyes of its competitors. Especially with his longtime fans! Without forgetting that Loana participated in the program known to the public, La Villa des coeursbrokens. Among other things, she also filed her candidature in Dancing with the Stars!

Know as well, that the latter hoped make a spectacular entrance in this cult show. Nevertheless, sa concurrent in Dancing with the Stars was also motivated to challenge her. In the following lines, we reveal everything!

Loana, a candidate ready to take up the challenge with her passion for dance!

She revealed that in passion didn't just stop with the music. Nor to participations in emissions of reality show French! Loana also wanted to appear in the program known to everyone ' Dance with the stars '. Why ?

Since always, the pretty blonde wanted to present his talent in the middle of the stage. It is nevertheless a great dance competition. Otherwise, l’ex candidate de Loft Story showed his great motivation in front of the screen of the viewers.

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As always, Dancing with the Stars begins with casting sessions . And all candidates must present their talents to the jury of the show .

It seems that Pamela Anderson also participated to this news season unprecedented. Note that this participant is already a world star . Which could cause boredom for this former reality TV candidate.

Dancing with the stars: Loana lost her place because of Pamela Anderson!

during the cast of Dancing with the Stars , Loana was not selected because of her competitor. This is the famous Pamela Anderson. Hence, the reality star confided in this situation during from his interview at Here !

As a reminder, Loana chose Jordan Mouillerac for her benefit of dance. During the choreography sessions, they learned all techniques. In order to prepare, to perform well on the stage of the viewers.

However, Jordan Mouillerac in Dancing with the Stars prefer to choose performance by Pamela Anderson. Considered one of the best dancers , this woman took the place of Loana!
Besides, she confided her impression.

“There are criteria and they want different people…”

Despite this disappointment, the reality star do not give up. Thus, she affirmed that she will make an exceptional return to television.