Lose weight: here are the 5 foods to banish at breakfast to lose weight for sure!

modified: 2022-09-15 16:43:03

Many women plan to lose weight this fall to look their best. Fortunately, a healthy, balanced diet can help.

  Losing weight

Foods are the most essential factors to consider for effective weight loss. While some help you achieve your goal, others will only make you gain fat . So you have to manage your diet well. Here are our tips!

Lose weight: These foods are to be avoided!

Some women may get a little confused about the what to do to lose weight effectively. Choosing your diet is not easy. In addition, it is now more difficult to distinguish the true routine to adopt fake. In this context, we recommend balanced nutrition.

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So be sure to avoid foods that only make you gain more weight. Let's mention drinks that are too sweet, such as chocolate hot for example. Sandwich loaves too, since they are low in fiber and store fat.

Industrial biscuits because of the refined sugars they contain are to be avoided. As well as fruit juices. They contain way too much sugar compared to a fruit altogether, not recommended if you want to lose weight.

What foods are recommended?

Although a healthy nutrition is based on a well-balanced diet, there is no magic food that will make you lose weight all at once. However, there are some that promote weight loss and are therefore recommended.

Let's quote them raw vegetables , cooked vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, fish and lean meats. Whole grains are also recommended. However, fatty foods are to be avoided since they contain more fat in addition to a high energy density.

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It should be noted that to effectively lose weight, the energy intake must be less than the daily expenditure. That doesn't mean you have to to eat less. On the contrary, eat healthy and exercise a lot. You don't run the risk of running out of energy. In addition, you can also favor foods with low energy density.

How to recognize the energy density of a food to lose weight effectively


Remember that the energy density reflects the amount of energy that a particular food brings to our body. The lower this index, the more a person must consume food for sufficient energy.

Take for example the cucumber, since it has a low energy density, it is necessary to consume several of them to gain strength. So you can eat it to lose weight.

Thus, the foods with low energy densities are highly recommended to lose weight faster. They are also rich in micronutrients. You will be quickly satiated while gaining fewer calories. Namely fruit and vegetables as well as whole grain cereals.

Fiber and water can also help since they make you feel fuller. Conversely, foods that contain a lot of calories are not recommended. These are largely oilseeds and vegetable oils.