Lottery: he leaves his partner for his best friend, she hits the jackpot a year later

modified: 2023-01-25 17:07:02

In recent days, a Colombian woman ruined and neglected by her husband had the chance to win a large sum in the lottery.

  Lottery: he leaves his partner for his best friend, she hits the jackpot a year later

Who has never dreamed of hitting the jackpot? Nowadays, there are all kinds of games of chance, which make us dangle the fortune. Illusory for some, amusing for others, the lottery can change your life in moments . Of course, many people gamble for years without getting any wins. But as the famous saying goes: 100% of winners tried their luck . And sometimes, fate smiles on those who need it most. Thus, on January 17, a Colombian woman who was overwhelmed with worries hit the jackpot . What change the course of his life forever.

A catastrophic personal and financial situation

The winner, originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, did not wish to reveal her identity. Nevertheless, its extraordinary story has gone around the world, relayed by the th English magazine the Sun . A few days ago, the one who won the lottery was rather unlucky.

In effect, this seamstress had the misfortune to live with a fickle husband . Also, the latter had an affair with his wife's best friend. A sadly classic scenario, at first sight. Before she wins the lottery , the Colombian was therefore abandoned by her husband . Thus, he preferred to leave, to live his new love story in broad daylight.

But in addition to her sentimental setbacks, the Barranquilla seamstress had to face major financial problems. Indeed, her ex-spouse left her alone, with the mortgage of the house to be repaid . The poor woman then tried to settle these debts, with her meager savings. In her misfortune, she still had the brilliant idea of buy a lottery ticket . At that time, she had no idea how much this frivolous gesture could change her daily life.

Lottery: a new life for this flouted wife

For this mother in difficulty, this stroke of luck had the effect of a real miracle. Indeed, despite all his efforts, she was unable to repay her credit or pay school fees of her child. Moreover, his accommodation was to be the subject of an auction.

The good surprise took place on January 17, 2023. Indeed, that day, the Colombian seamstress had the pleasure of winning the lottery. Amount of winnings? €305,142 . This tidy sum therefore arrived at the right time, to save this woman driven by debt.

Let's hope that this money will allow him to get back on his feet , and to largely provide for the needs of his family. As for her cheating ex-husband? The latter did not fail to recontact the one he had just left. When she saw his call coming, the seamstress was afraid that he would try to appease her, to extort her earnings. Nevertheless, the latter, although very daring, did not dare to claim anything. He thus accepted this blow of karma , and simply congratulated his ex-wife. Hope this woman can live happily ever after!

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