Lou Pernaut furious: she still atomizes Laurent Fontaine after her new message!

modified: 2022-09-21 17:56:07

In mourning, Lou Pernaut got into the habit of expressing himself on TikTok. An attitude criticized by Laurent Fontaine.

  Lou Pernaut

In 2022, Jean-Pierre Pernaut passed away after a serious illness. This leading television personality leaves a widow and 4 grieving children . Among them, the young Lou Pernaut is very active on TikTok . Faced with these publications, Lawrence Fontaine advised to the girl to curb their use of social networks. But the remark does not pass...

Lou Pernaut facing the tragic loss of his dad

When the star presenter of the TF1 news lost his life, his daughter suffered a lot. Thus, Lou Pernaut devoted several videos TikTok to his deceased father. These posts have also greatly moved Internet users.

But other personalities believe that she is doing too much. Also, Lawrence Fontaine estimate that Lou Pernaut exposes himself a little too much online .
'I was very close to Jean-Pierre Pernaut so it's complicated to react (…). Lou you're adorable, you're nice, but go study, what! Bump ! (…) Sorry, but what I see is not very dignified and I think that you should, since the death of your father, calm down the TikTok a bit, go back to school and work”

For Lou Pernaut, this reflection does not have to be. Indeed, for her, Laurent Fontaine has no no advice to give .
'Dear Mr. Fontaine, you say you were a very good friend of my father, but I never heard your first name'

Moreover, she did not hesitate to question the role of Laurent Fontaine . For Lou Pernaut, he is not one of the close friends of the family .
'My father never told me about you. (…) I am studying architecture, that I finished my second year, that it went very well and that I passed my exams . »

Jean-Pierre Pernaut's widow supports her daughter against Laurent Fontaine

The one who animated «And to the verité qui compte» also suffered the wrath of Nathalie Marquay . Indeed, she took the side of her daughter , Lou Pernaut.
« Laurent Fontaine, I despise you to the highest degree! By what right do you allow yourself to criticize and lie about my daughter Lou Pernaut who is painfully experiencing the loss of her dad? »

See this post on Instagram

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A volley of green wood that Laurent Fontaine deplores . He then wanted to respond on TikTok.
'Lou Pernaut, whom I don't know, shows up on TikTok saying 'ah my haters too mean'. I said stop TikTok for her. What Nathalie Marquay Pernaut sent to me was very violent! »

Faced with these new about , Lou Pernaut did not hide his annoyance . Online, she took the time to react to this video.
« And he goes on and on.'

At 19, the young women continues architectural studies , which she succeeded brilliantly. For Lou Pernaut, the host does not have to comment on his life, let alone his activity on TikTok. Let's hope that Pascal Bataille's sidekick understand the subject. In any case, the young girl no longer seems in the mood to listen to her admonitions .

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