Louane: her moving video testimony about her childhood and her traumas

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Between harassment, loss of a loved one and illness, the beautiful Louane went through difficult trials in her youth.

  Louane: her moving video testimony about her childhood and her traumas

In its financing, the now recognized singer, Louane, has experienced very difficult times. Indeed, his youth seemed far from simple. Between the loss of his two parents a year apart, the harassment due to his participation in The Voice and for his illnesses which made him gain weight. She went through many hardships before finally becoming the accomplished and happy woman she is now. She was able to confide in du average O-rigines at this difficult time in his life. We'll explaine everything here.

A difficult past

It remains last Thursday that the singer Louane was able to give an interview to O-rigines media. In the latter, she was able to evoke many pains from the past, especially about her adolescence. During this interview, she appears to be reading a letter. The latter seems destined for the young girl she could be before. This way of doing things is still the best way for her to retrace her history and her sometimes difficult journey.

It must be said that at 16 and 17, Louane ended up an orphan. The young woman therefore lost both her parents with only a year apart. The young woman at this time appeared to have eating disorders. So quickly, the young woman gained weight. Because of this, she received a lot of criticism.

Yet, while the young lady was going through a particularly difficult time, she decided to participate in the show the Voice. There, his voice was quickly noticed. Unfortunately, after his participation, it seems that the harassment continued and even got worse. However, after her participation, she was able to stand out and even got the main role in the Aries family.

Louane's secrets

So, Louane addresses herself before, and declares “ I don't think as far back as I can remember, you've never felt really good about yourself. You never felt accepted and even when people looked at you with shining eyes, you never managed to feel the value of it ”. We can see that reading this, his voice weakens, his eyes fill with tears. In the same sequence, she addresses the grossophobia she suffered, as well as depression, dark thoughts, and her TCAs.

It must be said that if Louane had trouble loving and accepting herself, the gaze and criticism of others clearly did not help. “ You hurt yourself and you don't want to live anymore ”. It must be said that in addition to this, the young girl has attention deficit disorder with / without hyperactivity. She had a hard time staying focused. She ' does not hold in place and cuts the floor all the time ”.

A lot of badness

She adds ' You're 8 years old, you've been in primary school for two years, and it's not going very well. No one really understands why, but everyone repeats this sentence as if you weren't there, as if you couldn't hear it: it doesn't fit the mold. (…) One day, your nanny hears someone talking on the radio about ADHD and she recognizes you. She talks about it to your mom and it is the beginning of appointments, tests, psychologists, speech therapists but above all a diagnosis and medication ”.

Quickly, the diagnosis falls, Louane thus connects the appointments, the treatments… She still remembers the remarks and the nasty nicknames that they could give her, like “ball of fat”. So she concludes with “ Never be afraid to ask for help again, there are people who love you around you ”.

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