Louane: she evokes her dark period during her schooling following school harassment

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It remains with the O-rigine media that Louane was able to confide in her difficult adolescence.

  Louane: she evokes her dark period during her schooling following school harassment

Louane experienced hardships at a very young age that made her gain in maturity. It must be said that the young woman, an orphan, had to grow up without her parents. And when she was still a teenager, she was still very mature for her age. So let it stay her history, her way of thinking or her physique, she is the subject of school harassment . Since then, the young woman has taken a nice revenge by becoming the artist and accomplished mother that she is. We'll explaine everything here.

Louane, a difficult adolescence

When Louane was able to start appearing on the front of the stage, it remains thanks to the TF1 show, The Voice . At that time, the young woman was terribly lacking in self-confidence. But she knew her voice had potential. And she was right given the career she now has . And if her youth was dark enough, the young woman seems proud to finally be able to live peacefully.

But, last Thursday, the media O-rigine was able to share an interview with the young woman. In the latter, Louane talks about her past, and particularly about the difficult times she has been through. So we find the subject of his parents, died one year apart . At that time, the girl was only 16 and 17 years old. His adolescence did not seem easy , but on top of that, she has been the subject of many harassments because of her illness, bulimia.

So if now, she puts in her albums the subject of what she has been able to live. She also decides to talk to the media about it. . It remains a way for her to exteriorize what she has been through. But also, a way to support those in the same situation as her .

His testimony

Louane therefore begins to address the camera by declaring “ Hello you, I'm not sure who I'm talking to. You are 8 years old, 12 years old, 16 years old and then 19. I believe that you, farther than I can remember, you have never felt really good about yourself, you never felt accepted and even when people looked at you with bright eyes , you never managed to feel the value of it ”. Rapidly, she was able to talk about her school period which seemed very difficult .

It turns out that Louane had problems with Attention Deficit Disorder with/without hyperactivity. At this point, she explains that “ T’as 8 ans, you have been in primary school for two years , and it's not going very well. No one quite understands why , but everyone repeats this sentence as if you were not there, like you can't hear it : it does not fit into the mould. (…) One day, your nanny she hears someone talking on the radio about ADHD and she recognizes you . She talks about it to your mom and it's the start of the meeting, of tests , from psychologists , speech therapists but above all of a diagnosis and medication ”.

The wheel spins

Thus, Louane now remains the mother of an adorable Esmée. A girl who is lucky enough to see her two parents madly in love. And if now it seems popular and popular, it has not always been the case. She was able to confide that in the past, others have nicknamed him “ ball of fat ”. This is due to the eating disorders she may have had. But it spawned bullying in high school and even after her appearance on The Voice. “ You find yourself trapped in insults , of the jostling , of the phrases in your life that will resonate for years like 'ball of fat ‘. This sentence… (…) You hurt yourself and you don't want to live anymore ”.

Thus, Louane confided that the music remained for her a real escape. It made him feel better. Since, she uses this to tell her story, as in her album Sentiments.

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