Louane soon separated from her darling Florian Rossi: she sends him an unexpected message!

modified: 2022-09-15 23:15:01

Louane and her companion have always lived very close to each other. Apparently, they will have to move away soon!


After years of married life, Louane and her companion are still as much in love as ever. According to what the singer has shared lately, the two lovebirds must live separately. Apparently it has to do with their career! The details !

Louane: She wasn't ready to be a mom!

Apparently, everything is going very well for Louane. On the professional level, the young woman leads her career as a singer very well. Just as much as in his personal life. With his companion Florian Rossi, composer and instrumentalist , the young woman seems happier than ever.

Moreover, the couple had their first child in 2020. It is a little girl who is called Esmee on which the interpreter of 'I fly' confided in a interview .

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During this interview with Konbini in 2020, Louane mostly talked about her life after the arrival of her daughter. Of course, this happy event completely changed his life.

According to what she said, the young woman had to stay two weeks at home without going out. As she said, 'Two weeks...that's a long time.' Before adding: 'I was not psychologically ready, I was scared'.

Florian Rossi is always there for the singer!

Obviously, taking care of your first child is not always easy. Of course, this was also the case for Louane with her little girl. Fortunately for the singer, there is her companion she can always count on.

Moreover, this is what she affirmed in the Gala magazine last December. As she explained, 'To be honest, he takes care of our daughter almost more than I do.' Apparently, Florian Rossi lives his role as a father well.

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The least we can say is that Louane is a happy mother. However, even if the singer seems to lead her life as a mother very well, there is always her career. Apparently, this is also the case for Florian Rossi who is musician .

Thus, the couple will have to face a situation from which they cannot escape. By the way, that's what the new coach of The Voice confided in her community lately.

Louane: Why does she have to separate from her companion?

It's a bit sad for Louane and her companion with what they will soon have to live with. Indeed, being both artists, they must pursue their career . This forces them to go away for a while.

Apparently, the couple will go their separate ways to do their respective tours. This is why the singer made this moving publication on TikTok this Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

With a tender message, Louane addressed her companion . As she wrote, 'We're going on two different tours, you think that'll do it.' But the singer also shared photos of them and her companion.

Beautiful souvenir shots of the couple she accompanied with her song No released in 2017. 'Look at me, what do you see... Me, I'm not going to give up' can we hear in the lyrics.