Louane: 'The sentence that haunted me for years...' she confides in her bulimia

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Louane breaks taboos in an interview by revealing the school harassment she suffered and which made her suffer from bulimia

  Louane: 'The sentence that haunted me for years...' she confides in her bulimia

Louane knew the celebrity thanks to his appearance in the film The Aries family . A talented singer, she knew how to turn hearts upside down and impose her name on the world of music. Nevertheless, Louane explains that his success has not always been rigorous . However, as a child she was bullied , to the point that it develops bulimia . Finally, Louane delivers a powerful testimony which can hopefully advance the fight against bullying.

A young singer of national renown

At the age of 17, Louane began her career by participating in the show The Voice . However, it was only during his participation in the film The Aries family, alongside François Damiens, that his career really took off. From, Louane hasn't stopped winning the hearts of her fans with her catchy albums and hits . Besides his last album called ' Sentiments » will not have failed to move his fans .

On this occasion, in an interview , Louane confesses the challenges she had to overcome. Indeed, while she's happy with her current career, that hasn't always been the case. In fact, as a child she suffered harassment and developed bulimia. As a result, his relationship with his body is still complex and his old demons often resurface.

« The relationship to the body when we do an image job, which is our case, is obviously particular and biased. There are a lot of injunctions, and at the same time, despite everything, we show things about us that are idealized (…) Around the age of 12 I started to really become aware of my body, and to not feel good with. “, she confessed during her interview without language of wood with Marie Claire .

Louane looks back on the traumatic period of her adolescence

In a moving interview, Louane shared her personal experience with her fans. Indeed, she lamented with sadness the grossophobic remarks that she suffered during her teenage years, which caused her to develop bulimia. Today, Louane is still battling her eating disorders.

Concretely, the objective of this interview is to show that we should not never underestimate the effects of school bullying . Louane, years after having suffered this difficult period, still admits to being haunted by the sentences that broke her.

As such, Louane reveals the sentence she heard in her childhood and which still follows her. In reality, it is a grossophobic name: “ball of fat. '. In fact, a few boys had once called him that, and the whole college had been relaying that insult ever since. 'I always hear people say, ' Oh it's nothing, these are childish remarks! '. No. No. A remark from a child is a remark that can haunt you all your life . she insisted.

From then on, Louane was diagnosed as bulimic with, more generally, eating disorders because of the cruel remarks of other children. She lived a nightmare because of these comments which are ultimately more serious as a result than they seem. In this interview, the importance is to show how these childish remarks can shatter lives, health and follow you for decades.

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