Louis Bertignac: this reason why he left The Voice

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Present during the first two seasons of 'The Voice', Louis Bertignac has since abandoned his coaching chair. His explanations.

  Louis Bertignac

Louis Bertignac celebrated his 69th birthday on February 23, 2023 . Born in Oran, Algeria, he landed in France, with all his family, at the age of 3. Passionate about music, in 1976, he joined Telephone alongside Jean-Louis Aubert , Richard Kolinka and Corine Marienneau. Soon the group becomes a musical phenomenon in France . Their repertoire includes hits such as 'That's really you', 'Cinderella', etc. However, after a decade of success, the band broke up. Subsequently, Louis Bertignac collaborated on the albums of many artists such as Carla Bruni . In 2011, after having lived in the shadows, he returned to the front of the stage by becoming a juror in ' The Voice ».

“The Voice season 12”: a new “evil” rule

That's it ! After the success of the last season of 'Star Academy', TF1 broadcast its other cult program: “The Voice” . As a reminder, the last season was won by the young Nour, which was the talent of Florent Pagny.

This year, many of them want to obtain the coveted title of the most beautiful voice in France. On February 25, 2023, fans of the famous talent show discovered the first blind auditions of this 12th edition.

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And as in previous seasons, a new rule has been introduced by the production , it's about Super Block .

'So it's like the block, but more evil,' explained Amel Bent.

A duo who fout le bordel

According to his words, the singer “loves” this new rule , which is not the case for his counterpart, Zazie.

' It's horrible ! “said the interpreter of” I send waltz “.

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On the judges' side, this season, there is also a big change with the arrival of the famous duo Bigflo and Oli . Already jurors in the Belgian version of the program, the two brothers from Toulouse intend to turn everything upside down. Guest on the set of 'Daily', Nikos Aliagas, confided in the subject of these 2 new troublemakers of the PAF . In his words:

“Two is more complicated, you have to deliberate together. And when they disagree, they fight. They are funny and put a lot of freshness. […] They’re having fun so they change the dynamic a bit so they mess it up a bit, and that’s good. »

“The Voice”: the departure of Louis Bertignac

In ' The Voice “, many artists succeeded each other on the famous red armchairs . Among these, we can notably cite Matt Pokora, Soprano, Julien Clerc, Pascal Obispo, Marc Lavoine, etc.

However, in the hearts of some viewers, no one can replace the first jurors composed of Florent Pagny, Jenifer, Garou and Louis Bertignac.

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Speaking of the latter, as we said above, he appeared in the first two seasons of ' The Voice » .

Two seasons during which the former guitarist of the group Telephone revealed the talent of Louane . Only then, during season 3, he decided to give up his role as a coach leaving the show.

Louis Bertignac replaced by Mika

What happened ? During his appearance in 'The New Edition', broadcast on Canal+, Carla Bruni's ex confided in it .

According to him, the desire to 'eclipse' had been tickling him for a while . Adding:

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'It's more or less an arrangement. It is true that after the second season of The Voice , I said to myself: ‘I kinda miss touring, I kinda miss composing new songs’”

Then, still according to his explanations, the production replied :

'Look, we've been thinking, we think it's better for you not to do the third season. »

'Not really having the TV profile', Louis Bertignac obviously accepted the proposal . Afterwards, Mika was appointed to replace him. A rather wise choice since the beautiful brown won season 3 with Kendji.

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