Louis Star Academy: the young man confides in the harassment he suffered

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The finalist of the last season, Louis (Star Academy) confided, exclusively to our colleagues from Pure People.

  Louis Star Academy: the young man confides in the harassment he suffered

The tenth season of Star Academy came to an end on November 26. On stage, we were able to see the four finalists offer a performance for the last time. Anisha, Léa, Enola and Louis (Star Academy). After a long and tiring final, Anisha took the victory. However, for Léa and Louis ( Star Academy ), these two students saw the end of their adventure during the broadcast. Only a few days after the decisive evening, the charming young man agreed to answer exclusive questions from Pure People. Whether it's questions about his adventure, his self-confidence, his memories, or his future projects. It should be noted that Louis (Star Academy) is emerged stronger from this adventure. In his answers, the charming blond shows an improvement in his confidence , something he is proud of. We'll explaine everything here !

Post-competition for Louis (Star Academy)

Star Academy ended on November 26. I have to say that the adventure proved challenging for most students . After the final, the students regrouped. Louis (Star Academy) therefore explained how it happened. ' We did a little interview about our journey. I said I was super proud of all of us and had no regrets. Then I was able to find my family and talk with them for an hour. Then there was a small evening to enjoy with the whole team. There was a lot of kindness and benevolence on the part of former candidates and teachers towards me “, he confided to our colleagues from Pure People .

As for the statements of the teachers, it would seem that Louis ( Star Academy ) has only heard good things. It must be said that this experience in the Star Academy allowed him to learn a lot about him. « Everyone was very proud of my progress. They told me that they were quite surprised at my learning speed and my evolution in six weeks. That Louis who arrived is not the same as the one who left. So I'm super happy because I came to evolve and progress above all. “, he said.

A growing confidence

One thing he confided to our colleagues from Pure People surprised no one. Indeed, Louis (Star Academy) has gained confidence since the beginning of his adventure in Star Academy. It seems, from what he says, that he has been bullied at school but also in the street . And this, simply because it is different. ' I still suffered a lot from my difference. There, in the Star Academy, it was the first time in my life that I was told that who I was was beautiful. I was accepted '. A confidence that will undoubtedly affect many people who are in the same situation as him. Whether it is school bullying, cyberbullying or many others. These situations are moments that change someone.

Fortunately, it seems that Louis (Star Academy) has managed to overcome . « Yes, I feel more confident. On a professional level, I feel more grounded in the ground, I feel more capable. I managed to stress less about the premiums over the course of the adventure. It also really opened my eyes to the fact that I really want to make music '. According to his statements to our colleagues at Pure People , the charming young man finally understood what he wanted to get out of life, the projects he would like to achieve in the future. Fortunately for him, the visibility that the Star Academy offered him will undoubtedly allow him to achieve them .

Louis (Star Academy): his plans for the future

For now, Louis ( Star Academy ) focuses on post-competition . Indeed, leaving the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys after six weeks of competition is not easy. You have to find your bearings, discover your star identity and above all keep it. For now, the young man simply takes advantage of the opportunities that the telecrochet of TF1 offered him . However, during his confidences, he still mentioned some future projects he had in mind. ' My new dream is to make an album and meet all the people who have supported me, who will also support me perhaps later. I also dream of doing a tour ».

If you have followed this tenth season of Star Academy, you know that many teachers have compared Louis (Star Academy) to a model . Whether it's her beautiful face, her tall stature or her character. However, it seems that the latter had never taken this option into account. However, when Pure People asked him the question, his response has since changed. « I had thought of that before. But I clearly didn't have enough confidence in myself for that. (…) I overrode the fact that I am not at all comfortable with my body and that I do not necessarily appreciate myself. So I said to myself why not, because it is an exercise that I really like. I like fashion and art a lot so finally, it can be something that I would like ».

Louis (Star Academy) : His memories of the adventure

Louis ( Star Academy ) returned to his best memories in the adventure. It must be said that with six weeks in a castle, the good memories are not lacking. « This adventure made me grow a lot. Psychologically, I think I took two or three years in six weeks. Afterwards, sensitivity is part of my personality. I've always been like this. But now I managed to turn it more into a strength '. As you have no doubt seen, Louis (Star Academy) touched many viewers and teachers with its sensitivity. « My sensitivity really carries me during my performances. This is what helps me to be good on stage and to give emotions at the right time and in the way I want to give them. I'm very happy with that. It serves me much less than before “, he confided.

As for the memories on stage, Louis (Star Academy) still keeps a lot. ' I have a lot. I was so fulfilled during my performance on Celine Dion's It's All Coming Back To Me Now. I loved. The one on Lady Gaga too '. For him, the most important thing was that he did not change his way to please the viewers. He wanted to stay true to himself, something he succeeded. ' I did not try to change myself and I expressed myself as I was and it was liked. People identified with me and I'm very proud of that, even though that wasn't my goal at the start. But what will forever be etched in my head is the last day '. And this, as he confided to our colleagues from Pure People .

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