Love is in the meadow: Alain shocked 'she was poisoned, we treated her too late' the farmer at his worst

modified: 2023-01-06 19:17:02

In mourning, Alain, the candidate of 'Love is in the meadow' does not take off after the case of the poisoning of his dogs.

  L'amour est dans le pré : Alain choqué "elle a été empoisonnée, on l'a soignée trop tard" l’agriculteur au plus mal

On Wednesday, January 4, 2023, Alain, expressed his anger following what happened to his dogs. End of year celebrations were not happy for the candidate of the 2022 edition from “Love is in the Meadow”. He confided in his community on Instagram.

“Love is in the meadow”: a year that started badly

We are only at the dawn of the year 2023 that it's already going very badly for Alain . This breeder lived with his calves as well as his four dogs. Of course, this 58-year-old farmer became very attached to his pets .

At the end of 2022, the breeder made a sad observation . The participant in 'Love is in the meadow' also spoke about it on social networks during New Year's Eve. All four of his dogs were showing the same alarming symptoms at the same time. This told him that someone had poisoned his four dogs .

'I wanted to give you some news, the dogs were poisoned, I don't know how, I don't know why,' he said.

Alain had the idea of take them quickly to the vet for the animals to receive first aid. He had been advised to give vitamin K1 in the hope that they would heal. In fact, this treatment can be life-saving if given quickly . Unfortunately, that couldn't save any of them. It was obviously too late for him.

He gives his news in story

On January 4, 2023, the candidate of “Love is in the meadow” expressed himself through his Instagram story . After wishing a happy new year to its subscribers , he gave news of his dogs.

'I'm also here to push a little rant, the four dogs have been poisoned, the vet is formal, with rat poison or that sort of thing. So, I lost Stari yesterday morning, we treated her too late or we didn't see fast enough, and lo and behold, she did not survive, 'he said.

His community was surely surprised to see that the video stopped abruptly. Many are wondering about the continuation of this story. Alain will, no doubt, reappear to give his news. Until then, his fans will continue to show him their full support .

During this terrible ordeal, Alain can count on the support of family and loved ones . Many Internet users also came forward to express their sympathy. By taking a look in the comments area, you will find many messages of love .

“Condolences for your dog”, “Best wishes, sorry for your dog, I hope that bastard is found. An ignoble gesture made by one or more cowards. Courage to you”, “Sorry for your dog, I know what it is and it hurts too much. For me, the pain is still there since January 14, 2022”, “Courage to you, I wish you a happy new year 2023 despite everything”, can we read in the comments.

'Love is in the meadow': history repeats itself for Alain

This is not the last drama that the one we experienced thanks to 'Love is in the meadow' is going through. Indeed, at the beginning of 2008, Alain had received a phone call from the police.

the gendarmes told him that his farm was on fire . And this, while he was at his neighbors with his children Anaël (26 years old) and Diane (27 years old).

He also confided in it with great emotion during the filming of his portrait in 'Love is in the meadow'. M6 viewers were able to see it on February 14, 2022 .

“It was all in flames. I tried to push the door open to the dogs, but I couldn't,' he confided.

Alain was able to save the animals by pulling them out of the fire that day. Once the fire is under control, the farmer had to start over , because his insurance had just expired. Fortunately, Alan was able to count on the kindness of those around him to help him . This drama will still have marked his life.

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