Love is in the meadow: Alexandre and Mathieu divorce, find out why!

modified: 2022-09-13 16:16:01

On September 12, 2022, The two lovebirds in Love is in the meadow separated! The details !

  L'amour est dans la pré

Mathieu and Alexandre have made the decision to separate. After several ordeals they went through, the news was shocking to the fans of the show. In the program Love is in the meadow, they were one of the couples appreciated by viewers. So, in the following lines, discover the greatest raison of their separation!

Love is in the meadow: A program broadcast on M6!

Love is in the meadow is a program created on September 8, 2005 . So far she is one of the most popular on the channel M6 . Especially since this great program is one of the most watched programs by viewers.

What is the main purpose of this unique program broadcast on the screen? Love is in the meadow is a television program that aims to rewrite a new love story between the candidates. Know that these are all farmers ready to take up the challenge to conquer their crush!

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Karine LeMarchand, expert in solving marriage problems in Love is in the meadow has also made it popular! Especially since the latter attaches importance to the involvement of all participants in the programme . Indeed, it is the first counselor of the couples of the show.

Love is in the meadow is it a good program to find a soul mate ? Effectively, it is an independent show that is all about giving a second chance to those looking for true love. Especially since all the seasons of the program come under a big success in France !

Matthieu and Alexandre have separated!

After their stint in love is in the meadow, these two lovers were the favorite couple followers of this new show. Apart from their complicity, they also shared a strong and constant love like the others. candidates . Indeed, they form a happy couple, despite the fact that they are of the same gender.

However, bad news has been revealed by Matthieu and Alexandre. Recently, these announced their separation off camera. Yes, it is a shock for his admirers. And even more for Karine Le Marchand, who is the main witness of their union!

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The followers of Love is in the meadow finally ask the answer to their divorce ! Moreover, in 2021, they pronounced their wishes of happiness. The question arises: their love life was no longer fusional enough? Others are also wondering: who was the first to decide on this great initiative?

It is saddening for those who believe in love! On the other hand, these two lovebirds in Love is in the meadow have their own reason to start another life. So what is the reaction of Karine le Marchand, the presenter of the show, to this gripping news?

Love is in the meadow: What is the reason for their separation?

After their two years of fusional love, the couple decided to leave each other. With Télé Loisirs, Matthieu, the former companion of Alexandre, shared this bad news! Why did they end their relation ? On Matthew's side, the geographical distance destabilized their relationship. In any case, this change has affected some fans of Love is in the meadow!

The bull breeder strongly emphasized importance of a constant exchange. And even more so for Alexandre, the person who needs the most attention in their relationship. Indeed, all the procedures for their divorce take place in this fall season . Their beautiful adventures remain an immutable memory for those who admire their couple in Love is in the meadow!