Love is in the meadow: Alexandre and Mathieu have remained very close

modified: 2022-12-23 23:01:03

One of the leading separated couples of Love is in the meadow, Mathieu and Alexandre, recently organized an unexpected reunion.

  Love is in the meadow: Alexandre and Mathieu have remained very close

In September 2022, bad news upset more than one fan of the M6 ​​show, Love is in the meadow. Indeed, for a moment, the couple straight out of Love is in the meadow seemed happier than ever. However, this year they made the decision to separate . Matthew and Alexander , together since 2020, have made a difficult decision. And this, since they realized that they did not want the same things in life. But on Wednesday December 21, 2022, Alexander surprised many fans. And this, by going to her ex-husband, Mathieu. The former candidates of Love is in the meadow then decided to spend a few days together. It would seem then that they have kept a strong bond. We explain everything to you these unexpected reunions!

Mathieu and Alexandre: a difficult separation

In the month of September 2022 , a couple out of Love is in the meadow has upset the Web. Indeed, this year, Mathieu and Alexandre have formalized their breakup. An unexpected decision that saddened many fans of the show. Nevertheless, a recent publication has raised doubts among these fans. Indeed, the Wednesday December 21, 2022, Alexandre surprised many fans by visiting her ex-husband, Mathieu. It must be said that it seems that they have still managed to maintain a beautiful link and that they remained in contact since this painful rupture. Remember that Alexandre celebrated his 27th birthday a day ago. Thus, he took his Instagram account to reveal to his subscribers that he was going to spend a few days with her ex-husband and farmer Mathieu.

The former candidate of Love is in the meadow has therefore unveiled videos of him with his ex-husband. An announcement that surprised many fans of the M6 ​​show. As you know, the two are now divorced but on good terms. Although they live on their own, it seems that they still have managed to keep good contact. In the publication of Alexandre, the Wednesday, December 21, its subscribers could see how much the two remain linked. According to his words, the candidate of Love is in the pre a put her suitcases at her ex-husband's for a period still unknown. Alexander's videos moved his fans. First of all, he was in his car heading to Occitania. Then, we see him cuddling the two dogs of his ex-husband, Mathieu (which is at his front door).

Love is in the meadow: unexpected reunions

Of course, when fans watched these videos, the questions started rolling in. That this evening on the duration of his stay, on the relationship they have or even on a possible return for good. An unexpected reunion that greatly surprised Internet users. It must be said that they have not been seen together for a long time. And this, since on both sides, the separation proved difficult and painful . The two candidates for Love is in the meadow have always maintained that they did not part on bad terms. However, as you can imagine, any breakup is difficult to digest.

The day after Alexandre's arrival, Mathieu himself posted a story on his Instagram account. We can then see him in the car with his ex-husband. They were on the road to go shopping so that they can prepare a festive meal for their friends. It would therefore seem that the two candidates of Love is in the meadow will spend a few days together. For now, neither of them wanted to give more details on the precise reasons for this unexpected reunion. We should therefore wait to see the next publications. Perhaps they will give more details about this surprising reunion.

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