Love is in the meadow: Aurélia gives her news after her emergency hospitalization

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Aurélia, candidate for season 13 of 'Love is in the meadow', was hospitalized. Fans are worried about his health.

  Love is in the meadow

Aurelia is a candidate well known to fans of 'Love is in the meadow' . She is appreciated for her bubbly personality and outspokenness. But recently she opened up about her condition after being rushed to hospital after returning from vacation.

Aurélia (Love is in the meadow), not in great shape

This Wednesday, May 10, Aurélia, participant of the issue ' Love is in the meadow ', published worrying news . As owner of the Domaine de la Beaumette in the Hautes-Alpes, she shared some revelations with its 17,400 followers on Instagram.

Indeed, a hospitalization occurred on May 8 following a trip to Morocco. The young lady suffered severe abdominal pain , requiring the intervention of firefighters on the highway. Taken to hospital, she was admitted for treatment.

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To which the mother added:

' The doctors found me a problem with my gallbladder '


' I've been very tired since, I have to do additional tests, to see what they're going to do with me... '

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Aurélia (Love is in the meadow) is now back home and recently communicated with her community. Indeed, accompanying a beautiful black and white photo with a few words, she said:

' It is difficult to accept the failure of one's body... To slow down to give it time... While everything is reborn outside and nature takes back its rights calling my energy to rally to it... I am tortured between her and him… him and her… ”

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So, after sharing these personal details, a large number of Internet users have offered their support to Aurélia .

A difficult year

In 2018, during the broadcast of an M6 program , the ex-English teacher had a brief romance. In 2020, she said she found love and posted photos with her partner. However, on February 7, Aurélia informed Public that this relationship was over.

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The teacher says:

'I think that we are unfortunately not going in the same direction and it is difficult for me to talk about it at the moment'

The start of the nightmare

Aurélia, former participant of 'Love is in the meadow', has chosen to be transparent towards its community this Monday, May 8. In her story, she explained the reason for her absence on social networks in recent days.

As soon as he arrived on the tarmac, after having spent a family holiday in Morocco, the farmer experienced stomach pain . Pain which also prevented her from returning home by car from the airport.

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She informs her subscribers:

'A week ago when I got back from Morocco, when I got off the plane, I had terrible stomach pains in my stomach. »

And it follows:

'And in fact I never managed to get home... The firefighters came to get me on the highway and I ended up in the hospital'

After being taken care of, the medical team informed Aurélia of a problem with her gallbladder . A disease of which she was unaware until now. This news was a shock for the young woman.

The doctors diagnosis is consistent with the symptoms experienced by the former 'Love Is in the Meadow' contestant: sudden pain in the stomach area or under the ribs on the right side, accompanied by nausea and sometimes vomiting, such as says the Health Insurance website.

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The candidate of “Love is in the meadow” adapts to her illness

Unfortunately for Aurélia, who not only has to take care of her children, but also manages her educational farm alone in PACA, she's gonna have to slow down for a while . Already exhausted by her illness , the former candidate of 'Love is in the meadow' must now reorganize her daily life.

The process begins with adopting a strict diet.

She explains about Instagram :

' No fat, no alcohol, and pain treatments '

In her story, the young mother confessed his anxiety about the situation , given that she has 'so many things to do on the farm'. Let's hope then that Aurélia (Love is in the meadow) can count on the support of Karine Le Marchand, who is known to be a listening ear. In an interview given to Public moreover, the farmer had described the facilitator as ' close ':

' She is close to me and she is the first to join us at important times! »

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