Love is in the meadow: great discomfort after the discovery of Guillaume on his suitors!

modified: 2022-09-23 00:31:02

The episode of Love is in the meadow this Monday, September 26 is eagerly awaited! Guillaume would find himself in a disturbing situation.

  L'amour est dans le pré

Love is in the meadow is undoubtedly one of the programs most watched by the French today! Viewers are impatient to wait for the broadcast of the new episodes, including the sequence of Monday, September 26, 2022. It seems, the strange behavior of Guillaume's two suitors had in some way destabilized the 28-year-old agriculture. Find us in the following lines for more info!

Love is in the meadow: This appearance shocked this candidate!

Who says new week says new opportunity to enjoy another episode unavoidable of Love is in the meadow! And apparently, this Monday, September 26, 2022 would be the scene of several surprises for loyal viewers of the dating show.

Especially since this edition has seen the addition of new candidates. Among them, we find for example a man named Guillaume!

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Guillaume is a young breeder from Limousin who can be found in Love is in the meadow 2022. In the next episode, the young man is preparing to welcome his contenders on his farm.

But to his surprise, these landed ensemble ! A apparition sudden which did not fail to astonish the farmer.

“That’s super weird”!

Margot and Noémie were enthusiastic about meeting Guillaume. Proof that the two young girls worked 6 long hours together just for the purpose of joining 28-year-old agriculture.

In Love is in the meadow, we can really see a whole bunch of scenarios. Moreover, we are never at the end of our surprises ! Apparently, Margot and Noémie, who have the objective of winning over Guillaume, have become friends .

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Faced with this unexpected rapprochement, Guillaume de L'amour est dans le pré seems to be more than destabilized! 'They're great friends, it's super weird. It's weird that they traveled together,' he said. Before saying more: 'There, it's complicated for me, they are between girls so when I make my decision, it will not go what ...'.

Alexandre , another farmer, also expressed his opinion on the change of the progress of the program!

Alexandre (Love is in the meadow): How does he plan to manage his two suitors?

For his part, Alexandre was delighted to welcome his two suitors to his farm! Especially since the candidate seems to be happy with his choice. 'I had selected them because I liked them the most,' he told our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs.

Laura was apparently the one who arrived first. And it was a real cake walk for Alexandre for showing him around his enclosure. “It went very well (…) I think she was very happy”, he explained!

But just like Guillaume, Alexandre also seems to be destabilized by having to manage two girls at the same time. 'You have to do the same for both so as not to make a preference, it's not easy,' he said!

However, it turns out that the farmer of “Love is in the meadow” has reserved a whole bunch of activities to give his contenders a good time. Namely a bowling evening, a horseback ride... In short, he planned everything! Of course, these are only glimpses of what you can discover in the episode which will be broadcast this Monday, September 26, 2022!