Love is in the meadow: 'It's a shame to have to justify yourself' Frédérique exasperated, he comes out of silence

modified: 2023-02-08 22:03:02

Frédérique de L'amour is in the meadow is fed up with criticism of the physique and she is ranting on social networks

  Lamour is in the meadow: 'It's a shame to have to justify himself' Frédérique exasperated, he comes out of silence

Frederique and her husband Pierre de Love is in the meadow were present during a broadcast of the program on M6. The next day, the couple received harsh criticism . Frédérique was tired of being silent and let it be known in a story on Instagram. She will even say: It's a shame to have to justify yourself ».

He expresses his anger at the criticism received

In the 18th season of the show Love is in the pasture , fans were able to hear from former farmers Pierre and Frédérique from the 7th season. This iconic couple considers the other as his great love. However, they did not escape the severe criticism of their physique .

Frédérique was fed up with the pressure caused by social networks that do not tolerate difference. THE squeaky comments and harassment are inevitable for any individual becoming a public figure. In other words, it was this situation that finally broke the camel's back for Frédérique.

Frédérique did not want to suffer these injustices and discriminations . At least she wanted to speak about it. Unfortunately, we don't know if his message - at least legitimate - will be enough to calm the evil spirits.

She expressed on Instagram: 'It's a shame to have to justify each post for a change of hairstyle! While the most important remains the message we convey, of hope for single people, of love and sharing for couples, of communication, of confidence in the evening, of self-esteem. '. Frederique added: ' Our account is reserved for benevolence, tolerance, acceptance of difference and universal love of the other and therefore of oneself”. 'Let's all be different and embrace it, it will make us richer, let's all be inclusive and we'll never feel alone or marginalized again.' » , finished Frederique.

Frédérique, Pierre's wife, is more open-minded and positive than people who criticize and judge others on social networks. Despite the truth of his message poignant, it is likely that this will not be enough to stop the gossip.

Frederique and Pierre Love is in the meadow a couple if charming

Before this rant, Frédérique and her husband had published several photos on the set of the show. In legend, messages of love were registered. In sum, the captions described how far the couple came back. The couple worked hard to build their dream couple.

More so, they stated that their love was unwavering and at least as strong as the first day. “Lovers look at each other and hug or shyly brush hands on the sofa, those in the way find themselves believing. […] Do not let go of your dreams of love, do not tell yourself that you are condemned to loneliness... in fact yes, to think that we are condemned to it, to lower the weapons of the ego, of the will, of the preconceived ideas, of the ideas received by our education, of the conditioning of society and just to receive and see what we didn't see before,' Pierre's wife concluded. Here, Frédérique delivers a true message of love, sincerity, benevolence and above all hope. A register opposite to the comments they may have received.

                                                                                                                                              Source : Gala