Love is in the meadow: Julie unveils her new look to the delight of internet users

modified: 2022-12-31 20:03:02

Julie (Love is in the meadow) recently unveiled her physical metamorphosis on her Instagram account.

  L'amour est dans le pré : Julie dévoile son nouveau look pour le grand bonheur des internautes

It has now been several months since Julie (Love is in the meadow) embarked on a weight loss project. After realizing that she was not feeling well in her body, Julie made the decision to start a diet, intermittent fasting . Since then, she shares the physical changes she goes through on her Instagram account . You should know that her subscribers support her 100% in her fight. On the occasion of Christmas Eve, Julie (Love is in the meadow) shared photos of her. Indeed, she shared photos of her in an evening dress. It must be said that Internet users quickly underlined his physical metamorphosis . And this, after months of intermittent fasting. We'll explaine everything here !

A candidate for Love is in the meadow, visibly thinned

After his participation in the broadcast of M6 , Love is in the meadow, Julie has decided to begin a physical metamorphosis. Indeed, the latter wanted to change her body to feel better, both physically and mentally . As a TV personality, she wants to prove that it's still possible to achieve your goals with the right motivation. The horse breeder therefore decided to challenge herself. A challenge she had wanted for many months. So she announced his goal: to lose 25 kilos. Determined, she therefore does everything she can every day to feel better about herself.

It would seem then that the former candidate of Love is in the meadow has already succeeded in her objective. On December 24, on Christmas Eve, shared a photo in an evening dress on his Instagram account. And this, to the delight of its subscribers. Very thin, Julie therefore revealed her long navy sequined bodycon dress . With a smile on her lips, the former participant of Love is in the meadow wished happy holidays to her subscribers. An opportunity for them to notice her weight loss of which she is very proud.

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Julie's Intermittent Fasting

Under the publication, the latter therefore did not hesitate to congratulate her on her physical transformation . Indeed, in the comments, several Internet users have noticed his significant weight loss. Julie therefore explained that she managed to lose her extra pounds 'largely thanks to intermittent fasting'. A difficult diet that involves eating only at certain times. And this, taking into account the nutrient intake of the food consumed.

The former participant in the romantic show, Love is in the meadow, therefore made more secrets about the efforts she has been making for the past few months . « We only have one meal a day, lunch '. All of these efforts are aimed at making you feel more comfortable in your body. You should know that intermittent fasting is a technique radical to lose weight fast. It should be noted that TV and radio host Vincent Cerutti recently used this same technique. And this, in order to change its appearance. On November 10, 2022, Julie's Love is in the meadow had already shared to a “little trial of newly purchased clothes”, sur son compte instagram. It would seem then that this shopping session seems to have done him a lot of good, t out by showcasing her new figure .

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