Love is in the meadow: Mathieu and his farewell wishes for 2023

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While Mathieu and Alexandre found love together in love is in the meadow, they ended up separating.

  Love is in the meadow: Mathieu and his farewell wishes for 2023

Mathieu and Alexandre both formed one of the most emblematic couples of the show love is in the meadow. Indeed, while the two men had a crush on the show, everything went very quickly. They decided to get married, and even wanted to start a family together. But, while the procedure of surrogacy seemed already launched, the couple announced to separate . A news that stirred the fans of this couple who expected to see them form a family of three . We'll explaine everything here.

Love is in the meadow, this emblematic couple

This remains in season 15 of love is in the meadow, that the couple Mathieu and Alexandre were able to form. It turns out that Mathieu was looking for love, and called on the show. But his case seemed quite difficult. It turns out that the young man suffers from a genetic disease . And the latter could well put his life in danger. Despite this, Alexandre opened his heart to her and together they were one of the most beautiful couples on the show.

Rapidly, after shooting love is in the meadow, the couple decided to unite in the eyes of the law. A news that therefore delighted the fans of the show. And even later, they wanted to take a new step. The two men wanted to start a family together . So for that, they decided to go through surrogacy, or GPA, which was taking place in Colombia. But during the trip, nothing goes as planned. The couple eventually separate.

But since this separation, the couple of love is in the meadow has lived through difficult times. First of all, because their separation was made in a good agreement . And they did not fail to say that they still loved each other, but only their life choices no longer corresponded. And if for Mathieu, life with his illness remains difficult, he clings to his wish to become a father. For Alexandre, life has not been easy . He had a bad fall from his horse, and lived through difficult bereavements.

Matthew's farewell

So, after this difficult moment that the separation could have been, Mathieu admitted to needing time for himself, to breathe and just enjoy life. But since his passage in love is in the meadow, he seems to have changed his plans for his life. Indeed, while his farm remained his main element, he decided to leave it for a bit. He just happens to need time for himself. And with a farm to run, it may seem difficult .

Thus, he still wanted to share this with his subscribers. He shares that “ Very happy that 2022 is over, thank you for all your messages which really filled my heart during this break… I wish you the best for 2023. Remember to take care of others and take care of yourself. Because you will never make those around you happy if you are not happy yourself. « .

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But Matthew love is in the meadow also adds “ I decided to go on a mop for almost 5 months. Of course during these 5 months I will work a lot on different projects as usual ”. On the program for the young man, a life closer to Mont Blanc. It provides many activities such as skiing, tours, etc. And to take care of his farm, he leaves it in the hands of an American who will live with him while he breathes.

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