Love is in the meadow: Nathalie back alongside another suitor on M6

modified: 2023-01-12 23:08:02

While Nathalie was Jean's contender in love is in the meadow, she will return to M6.

  L'amour est dans le pré : Nathalie de retour aux côtés d’un autre prétendant sur M6

Love is in the meadow remains a program that helps farmers who cannot find love. It must be said that their profession, and very often their passion, remains very demanding. . So, it can be difficult to meet people. Thereby, by participating in this show , they can meet suitors and suitors ready to accept their way of life and find love. But, if it allows farmers to find love, so do suitors . We'll explaine everything here.

Love is in the meadow, notable candidates

Indeed, love is in the meadow seeks to help farmers by allowing them to meet people interested in the idea of ​​pairing up with them. So that makes things a lot easier. Because, finding a person who is ready to get married seriously and accepting such a demanding job can sometimes seem difficult . In this way, the candidates see their portrait broadcast on TV, after which potential suitors can “apply”.

But love is in the meadow does not guarantee love for all. Already, among the suitors, only a few may be chosen to go to the farmer or the farmer. And from there, only one of the two can hope to create a relationship. Thus, the family of love is in the meadow which is growing almost every year. Between the couples formed in previous seasons who start a family, and those who continue together . The show has already allowed many children to see the light of day.

But, this may not be the case every time. We could see it when from last season . We found the farmer Jean, who had decided to choose Laurence and Nathalie to accompany him for a week at home. But, if the latter seemed very attracted by Nathalie's physique, he finally threw himself into Laurence's arms. A blow for the beautiful Nathalie with a strong character.

Nathalie has not said her last word

So, if in love is in the meadow, Nathalie could not find love with Jean, she will still have succeeded in seducing the public. It must be said that in addition to being beautiful, she has a great character that clearly does not go unnoticed. Besides, during the show, the latter had already lost patience several times. It must be said that Jean did not hide his preference for his rival, enough to annoy Nathalie.

But, the public can be reassured, they will soon be able to find it on M6. Indeed, although she will not participate in love is in the meadow, the latter will go into a drift of the show . As our colleagues from Télé Loisirs declare on January 10, it is the show L'amour vu du pré.

Besides, she will not be the only former participant of love is in the meadow to participate. We will also find Jean-Noël the suitor of Alain d'Auvergne. The latter, known for his great sensitivity, but his assertive character, will therefore be able to make his debut on the show. Also, fans of the show will be able to discover from January 30 the portraits of the new farmers of season 18.

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