Love is in the meadow: Noémie in tears, she collapses because of her suitors!

modified: 2022-09-15 18:22:01

Love is in the meadow, 17th season is back on M6. Don't miss a beat of this thrilling adventure!

  L'amour est dans le pré

Since August 22, a new issue of Love is in the meadow has taken over the torch on M6. This is the 17th season of the program! Like every year, Karine Le Marchand and her team are always up for a new adventure in the countryside. They are very enthusiastic about helping new candidates find love. Besides the role of mediator, they will apparently have to play the role of therapist this year. We are already giving you a taste of the situation!

Love is in the meadow: This season is rich in emotion!

It's only been a few weeks since the exclusivity of Karine Le Marchand came back on screen! She already has a lot of audience. Love is in the meadow has always been able to amaze the hearts of viewers of M6 .

This year is no less spectacular than the other editions. Especially given the new changes undertaken by the production house! What stood out the most this season is that she was littered with twists and turns !

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Various astounding circumstances are cited to your interest. First, the unexpected departure of Emmanuelle on the pretext that she did not find what she wanted in the show. Then, the sudden appearance of Julien Doré at Jean.

Apparently this singer would also participate in Love is in the meadow. There is also the presence of the Corsican named Sébastien who makes all hearts beat wildly. If all these highlights transported you, so we give you an appointment for more!

Next week is even better!

We already invite you to embark on a new episode of Love is in the meadow next Monday. This coming September 19, a new candidate will make her first appearance on the tray ! The youngest of the adventure with only 25 years old, Noémie is a farmer.

Recently, she has just joined her exploitation family to help her father and brothers. What does she do on the show? Like everyone else, she is looking for her other half to fill her life!

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Noémie de l'Amour is in the meadow has almost everything in her life. Only, it is Cupid's arrow that has always failed him ! According to her confessions, she would have had 4 different relationships in her life. All of them ended very badly, because she was often deceived by her partners!

Hence his big decision to join this adventure! We are only bringing you a small glimpse of his remarks during the filming . If you want to experience it live, don't forget the date of its screen appearance!

Love is in the meadow: Noémie burst into tears in front of the public!

What happened to this candidate for Love is in the meadow? Gold, it's not in his nature to act that way . During her first appearances in public, she said she was always smiling, romantic and optimistic.

It may be due to his meeting with his two suitors Gaël and Romain! Did they intentionally hurt them?

At first, this candidate for Love is in the meadow was excited to meet them. Suddenly, Noémie's face darkened to give way to tears. Wouldn't the two young men suit his criteria?

Among other things, tall, funny, independent, but also protective! According to Télé loisirs, the young woman would have had this moment of bewilderment because of a fear of being hurt again .