Love is in the meadow: this complicated task that the production of the show must manage

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Reading the letters received by the candidates is not an easy task for the production of the program 'Love is in the meadow'.

  Lamour is in the meadow: this complicated task that the production of the show must manage

January 30, M6 a distributed the first portraits of the fourteen farmers of the eighteenth season of 'Love is in the meadow'. The latter, as a reminder, after their presentations, hope to receive many letters . As far as production is concerned, reading these letters is not an easy task and is sometimes complicated by receiving unserious letters.

“Love is in the meadow” 2023: the candidates

'Love is in the meadow' is back! Karine Le Marchand's famous show is back for an 18th season with the presentation of the farmers. The first part of the portraits was broadcast on Monday, January 31, 2023 while the second part will be broadcast in a week on M6 .

This year fourteen candidates, namely eleven men and three women, will reveal their universe and their intimacy . Everyone has only one thing in mind: find or rediscover love . They come from several regions of France: Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche Comté, to name a few.

While viewers are used to meeting only farmers in the show 'Love is in the meadow', this time, professions are diversifying . There is an organic snail farmer, Perrine, 26, who is one of the youngest participants in season 18. Same age for Clément, the dairy cow farmer. Stephane, 49 years old, is responsible for an animal park .

As for Christine, 60, she is a dog breeder. Some even have multiple activities : like Baptiste, 30, who raises sheep, grows cereals and lavender, or Joris, 34, who grows cereals, trees and vegetables.

Patrice, 39 years old, suckler cow breeder and mixed farmer looks like a former candidate of 'Love is in the meadow' . Among the candidates for this new class of 2023, there is also Julien, the 42-year-old dairy farmer, who knows the program. But this time, he is on the other side of the fence . In fact, in 2015, he was one of Guillaume's suitors , season 10, the show's first gay farmer.

Candidates receive letters

By participating in the program 'Love is in the meadow', farmers expose themselves to a level of notoriety that they would never have suspected. After the broadcast of the portraits, opening the mail is a crucial stage of the show.

Indeed, it is during the reading of the letters that the candidates choose the future suitors they will welcome to their farm . However, nothing prevents them from receiving letters outside of filming. In addition to social networks, where they receive many messages, singles are also surprised to find some in their mailbox .

This is also the case of Emeric, from the 13th season of 'Love is in the meadow'. He conquered many women participating in the show and the latter wrote to him.

“Women came directly to my farm,” he explained. I saw a girl in the middle of the field at nightfall […], another came with her daughter, her mother, her grandmother to spend a week's vacation in my region to find out if she could live here in the possibility that we will be together later,” he said.

“Love is in the meadow”: a scourge for production

If you give candidates no longer know where to turn with the letters s, others, on the other hand, receive only a few letters. But you should know that these letters, the production of the show 'Love is in the meadow' sort them in order to finding the perfect candidates for speed dating .

It is an arduous task! She requires reading many letters , whose profile of authors is sometimes not very serious. But now, this year, eleven men and three women are waiting to receive the words of the person who will make their hearts beat faster. And in order to see the sparks fly in front of the camera, the production team works behind the scenes to select the most beautiful letters .

A high level work seen only couriers are sometimes sent in order to participate in the program “L’amour est dans le pré” . And not to meet the lucky one. As Guillaume Genton pointed out on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”:

'Do you know that there is a plague? There are people who write to all the farmers at once to try to get on TV when they really don't care. »

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