Love is in the meadow: unexpected breakup for this couple from the show before the end of the year holidays

modified: 2022-12-27 21:12:01

One of the leading couples of Love is in the meadow recently announced their breakup. A shocking confidence.

  L'amour est dans le pré : rupture inattendue pour ce couple de l’émission avant les fêtes de fin d’année

The favorite love program of M6 viewers. Love is in the meadow succeeds in creating couples every year. Unfortunately, some couples cannot last long once in the outside world. The proof: Matthieu and Alexandre. One of the flagship couples of the M6 ​​show who failed to overcome the pressure once out of the program . However, this time around, another couple recently announced their split. Indeed, Valentin and Charley have decided to end their relationship. The farmer therefore confided in his Instagram account. We'll explaine everything here !

Love is in the Meadow: A Surprising Breakup

There are many couples formed in recent years thanks to the M6 ​​program, Love is in the meadow. Whether it's Stéphanie and Hervé, or Lucile and Jérôme. However, once outside of the adventure, it can sometimes be difficult to stay together. Karine Le Marchand, the host of this show, aims to bring together a farmer with someone who could follow the busy rhythm of their lives . Someone who could benefit from a relationship and who is able to accept the outdoors. During the broadcast of Love is in the meadow, we can often see laughter, tears or even declarations of love. After the adventure, the couples give their news via social networks. Unfortunately, when relationships end, they find themselves pressured to announce it to their followers. Thereby, if some couples still spin the perfect love, others separate.

A new break has therefore surprised fans of the M6 ​​show, Love is in the meadow. In effect, Breton farmer Valentin recently took his Instagram account . And this, in order to announce his break with the woman he met during the adventure, Charley. He made these revelations in an Instagram story on Christmas Eve. A news that surprised many Internet users. ' Thank you for your holiday messages but I must announce that the relationship between Charley and I has come to an end. '. Valentin still insisted on address a few words to the subscribers who follow them from the beginning. « I wish you despite everything happy holidays and lots of good things, love yourself, appreciate yourself, enjoy the good times, I kiss you ».

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Fini between Valentin and Charley

Internet users did not expect this announcement at all on christmas eve day . It should be said that they thought that all was well between the two candidates of Love is in the meadow. However, after Valentin's confidences, fans have understood that things were not right between Valentin and Charley for a while . It would seem that the long-distance relationship has proven difficult for the couple. This created tensions, tensions that they were unable to overcome. In November 2022, the farmer had mentioned his remote relationship to his subscribers. In fact, he had done confidences on the difficulties . « We don't get to see each other a lot, but it's her who re-motivates me, and who keeps the flame of my passion alive. ».

However, after their love adventure is in the meadow, the couple decided not to live together. Indeed, the latter did not want to make concessions on their professional lives. Charley had then also made confidences on this subject. ' Me, I set up my dental office three hours away from Valentin “, she mentioned. And this, before saying: For the moment, our couple is on stand-by on the installation together because Valentin, his operation, is not going well for several reasons. The weather, all that… It's not the best '. Despite everything, the couple had decided to do their best to stay together and try to overcome the long-distance relationship. However, it seems that they have not been able to overcome everything. Thereby, they decided to end their story.

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