Lucile (Love is in the meadow): how she learned of her second pregnancy

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Lucile and Jérôme from 'Love is in the meadow' are expecting their second baby. Recently, the mum revealed how she found out about her pregnancy.

  Lucile (Love is in the meadow): how she learned of her second pregnancy

Among the candidates for 'Love is in the meadow', Lucile and Jérôme are part of the show's most iconic couples . The couple is also about to expand their small family with the arrival of a second child. On this subject, Saturday February 18, 2023, it is in an Instagram story that Lucile reveals how Jérôme revealed her pregnancy . All the details in this article.

Lucile and Jérôme from 'Love is in the meadow'

Since their meeting, Lucile and Jérôme from ' Love is in the meadow » spin the perfect love . So that no cloud hangs over their heads. And this, despite the rumors that ran after the farmer appeared without his wedding ring .

Obviously, these were only rumors, because no announcement of separation followed this appearance. Not even a station wagon. Brief, the relationship of the two lovebirds who said “yes” to each other in August 2022 is doing wonderfully.

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It should be known that before their union in ' Love is in the meadow », Lucile and Jérôme were already the parents of a little girl . Namely, Capucine, born in 2021. The latter will also soon become a big sister .

This, according to the revelations of Lucile. Indeed, the ex-candidate of “Love is in the meadow” is very active on social media . Especially on Instagram where the mother regularly publishes photos and videos of her daily life.

It is from one of her recent posts that Lucile revealed to be pregnant with her second baby . An announcement that certainly pleased its subscribers. Some were also surprised to learn how she knew .

Jerome clearly played an important role

To announce her pregnancy, Lucile 'Love is in the meadow' did not go there by four paths . Thus, the pretty brunette took a photo of her baby bump and put it in a story on her Instagram account. note that the couple has more than 240,000 followers .

We learn at the same time that she is in her fourth pregnancy. After a little calculation, we guess very quickly that the delivery will certainly take place in early summer . Undoubtedly enthusiastic about this, Internet users bombard them with questions.

Recently, a user who is probably a fan of “Love is in the meadow” Lucile asked:

'How did you announce your pregnancy to Jérôme? »

What the main interested responds in the most honest way possible:

“He told me I was pregnant”

How is it possible ? Lucile continues his explanation and adding:

'I felt exhausted, but I usually don't listen to myself... One day, he said to me, 'No, but I'm sure you're pregnant, have you seen yourself?! I did a test, Jérôme was at home so we learned about it together, as for Capucine by the way. »

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In any case, this last certainly looking forward to having a little sister !

Lucile radically changes her hair look

We can say that since their participation in 'Love is in the meadow', Lucile and Jérôme live a waking dream . And with the announcement of her pregnancy, the year 2023 seems to be off to a good start .

As change rarely happens alone, the mother also did a little update to her hair look . By sporting a new hairstyle, Lucile is revealed in a new light and the result is just magnificent .

Thus, finished her long brown hair! Jerome's wife cut her hair for a bob and even dyed her locks . As for the shade, the mother of Capucine opted for red and auburn tones.

In the caption of a publication dated February 10, 2023, Lucile from 'Love is in the meadow' wrote:

“New hairstyle and hair color! What do you think ? I am a fan, I love it! What a transformation and it feels good (…) Jérôme loves it anyway! »

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The least we can say is that the post garnered huge interest from its subscribers . Indeed, to date, the publication has nearly 63,000 likes and 5,000 comments . Some are full of praise for Lucile.

For example, we can read:

“How beautiful you are”, “Magnificent”, “Canon”, “Incredible”, “Glamour sexy” or even “So there, I say yes yes yes. Now it's Jérôme's turn to shorten his beard a bit »

Compliments that certainly flattered the main interested party !

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