M Pokora: difficulties in living and feeding, his darling Christina Milian in big financial trouble

modified: 2022-09-12 22:10:03

Is M Pokora in trouble? Fans are wondering about the star. It remains to know which ones and why!

  M Pokora

Apparently M Pokora has trouble eating. Fans of the artist are currently concerned about him. Why is that ? What problem is this? For more details, follow this article to the end!

M Pokora has a fulfilling life!

M Pokora is a French singer, dancer and actor. He is one of the favorite artists of viewers . From his real name Matthieu Tota, his career since his start has not escaped the public, both professionally and personally.

The singer has already released 8 albums in total and won the 1ʳᵉ edition of Dancing with the stars on TF1 . The dancer became a juror in The Voice in 2017, he also won the show as a coach of Lisandro Cuxi. In a word, he experienced a huge hit since the beginning of his career.

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In addition, M Pokora began dating Christina Milian in 2017 and married in 2020. The couple had two adorable boys who fill them with joy.

Indeed, the singer seems to live on the clouds and swims in happiness. But doubt set in for his fans when he was invited to a show televised French. The singer confided in the woman who shares his life.

His wife has passed a difficult stage in her life

Recently, M Pokora was invited to a emission presented by Bernard Montiel. During his appearance on RFM, the singer evoked his wife Christina Milian and he was complimentary about her.

Isaiah and Kenna's father made a point of complimenting his campaign on his kindness and optimism. As he says on set: C is someone who respects people, who is very smiling, very positive « .

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M Pokora clarified that the mother of her children has surpassed many tests during his childhood. Indeed, the singer lived with her mother and her four sisters in an environment uncomfortable .

The mother of his children worked as a housekeeper in order to be able to feed herself. She even went to charities to eat, according to the singer.

M Pokora is happier than ever!

M Pokora, who is a fulfilled father, confided during his interview with Bernard Montiel that before his children, when he wrote songs, the singer always spoke of an encounter with a woman in nightclubs.

The dancer confided that his sons have exchange his life drastically. Moreover, his offspring had a positive effect on his music. Now he writes more on more sensitive or personal topics. Specifically about the family.

Furthermore, fans of singer tend to jump to conclusions about his life. We can see that M Pokora is very flourished both professional and personal. And this, thanks to his small family.

Trials always come in life, but you just have to see them on the bright side. And over time, these hard knocks will only be bad memories.