M6: Kareen Guiock-Thuram moved by announcing her departure from the JT

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For journalist Kareen Guiock-Thuram, this remains her last news for several months on the M6 ​​channel.

  M6: Kareen Guiock-Thuram moved by announcing her departure from the JT

This Friday, December 16, seemed a very special day for M6 journalist Kareen Guiock-Thuram. Indeed, she had to say goodbye to viewers of 12:45 p.m. . It turns out that the journalist, who nevertheless seems to adore her work on M6, has decided on her own to take an eight-month leave. And this, in order to devote himself to another project. A musical project close to his heart. We'll explaine everything here.

M6, the departure of Kareen Guiock-Thuram

Indeed, last Friday seemed a special day for M6 journalist Kareen Guiock-Thuram. The latter had to say goodbye to viewers who watch her television news every day of the week at 12:45 p.m. She first wanted to thank them for their “ loyalty throughout his ten years ”. But after ten years of service, the journalist aspires to devote herself to projects that are close to her heart, such as music.

Indeed, the M6 ​​journalist has decided to take an eight-month sabbatical to devote herself to music. Obviously an area she wants to explore more. And with his daily diary, it remains necessarily quite complex. Thereby, she hopes to be able to pursue her passion for music until the next school year, in September of next year . She also explains that “ I am indeed taking a break for a few months and an expert is taking over. ”. Thus, her replacement remains Nathalie Renoux. The one that normally has the weekend editions of M6. She will therefore be able to take on her brand new role on January 2.

A new adventure

Thus, whether it is for Kareen Guiock-Thuram or her replacement, M6 will experience change. His replacement also declares that “ I wish you the best for this musical adventure. We will be very happy to hear from you, even if we will miss you. Your laughter, especially ”. And this in front of his colleague as amused as moved by his departure.

But, for the former M6 journalist, music seems to remain a real necessity in her life. She also wants, by carrying her passion, to tell viewers that “ Take care of yourself, your loved ones and your dreams ”. Lilian Thuram's partner says that for her, music remains ' A vital need ” as she told Télé-Loisirs. She also admits to our colleagues that music is not a new thing in her life. “ I have always written, sung and composed. Music is important to me and the Covid-19 period has put things in perspective for many people, including me ”.

A good start

So, if she leaves M6 for a few months, it doesn't seem to be going badly. She even declared to our colleagues that the chain's hierarchy seemed to approve of this choice of the journalist. Thus, we will still be able to find it next year in a brand new program. This is the program One day, a doc . Like what, even after this leave, she remains in the channel's good graces.

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