MaPrimeRenov: €1000 more for energy saving work!

modified: 2022-09-19 20:12:01

While gas and electricity see their prices skyrocket, MaPrimeRénov' makes it possible to finance certain works.


Winter is going to be harsh ! In recent months, the French have had to deal with record inflation in many areas. For fuels as for food, prices have risen sharply . As autumn begins, energies also become more and more expensive. The government calls on citizens to be sober. But how to do it energy savings ? For some, this may involve renovations. If you want to act on your heating or insulation , MaPrimeRénov’ remains the ideal device…

Work to consider to limit your electricity or gas bill

When mercury approaches zero , heating becomes an important issue in a house. Indeed, if you use electric heating , you risk consuming a lot of energy. To change your equipment, MaPrimeRénov’ can give you a helping hand .

Indeed, this year, with rising prices , your bill may explode. But there are alternatives to maintain a pleasant temperature inside. And without breaking the bank. To do this, MaPrimeRénov’ is an aid designed for the State. It must encourage citizens to make this kind of development.

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For example, many French people choose to adopt a wood-burning stove . For others, underfloor heating can be very interesting.

In addition, MaPrimeRénov’ also allows you to pay for insulation work. Many homes waste energy. The cause ? They live in real thermal colanders . It means that the heat produced inside gets lost through the windows of the house. In this case, we can limit this loss of energy with adequate insulation.

How can I benefit from MaPrimeRénov’?

Created in 2020, MaPrimeRénov’ was recently the subject of a revaluation . Thereby, this aid now reaches 1,000 euros . This system concerns all households, without conditions of resources.

To get the payment of this premium , it is necessary to consult craftsmen first. This will allow you to retrieve a quote. Then you need to register on MaPrimeRénov' . This means that you will have to enter your personal information. You will need to attach your latest tax notices to the file. Once your request validated , you can start the job.

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Generally, you will receive the amount corresponding to MaPrimeRénov’ within 15 days. If you have low income , you can ask to receive 70% of this amount in advance.

Finally, for more ambitious work , you can combine MaPrimeRénov’ with the zero-rate eco-loan. In this way, you will be able to obtain up to 11,000 euros of financing for renovate your home . We can say that for the government comes out the big game!

Besides, MaPrimeRénov’ is for all homeowners . Indeed, it also concerns companies or local communities. This aid makes it possible to encourage everyone to act for housing and less energy-intensive buildings .

As a reminder, MaPrimeRénov’ replaces energy transition tax credit . Since 2020, this new format has made it possible to better support those who wish to carry out major work. To know the services covered by this premium , you can also consult the decree of March 30, 2022 .