MaPrimeRénov ': the government plans to increase the budget dedicated to the aid system, good news!

modified: 2022-09-20 22:44:02

MaPrimeRénov’ help is there. The government continues to subsidize part of the renovations for energy saving.


The government is still providing assistance to citizens in the face of this crisis. As part of energy management, for example, the “MaPrimeRénov’” system will be extended again for this winter. An allowance that the beneficiaries will have to receive soon.

MaPrimeRénov’: More than 2 billion euros!

This year again, the government is encouraging the French to embark on the renovation of their heating system. This is in the sole interest of consume as little energy as possible.

Thanks to new technologies, new heating systems are specially designed to consume less energy . Therefore, it is strongly recommended to changer old heaters.

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With the “MaPrimeRénov’” system, the State grants an allowance to French people who wish to switch to more modern heating systems. Already for the last year, it deployed approximately in the 2 billion euros.

This year again, the government is planning a big sum of 2.6 billion euros. This normally allows all households to opt for more modern heating appliances.

Who can benefit from this financial aid?

If you plan to change your old heating and wish to receive your “MaPrimeRénov’”. You first need a request for make an estimate of the work to be carried out . Attention, the craftsman (who will be in charge of establishing the estimate) must be a person approved by the RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment).

The expert must establish an estimate according to his findings facts. Once you have this detail, you can go directly to the site: Puis, suivre les différentes instructions pour faire votre demande d’aide.

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Normally after a few days, you should receive a return. If the response is favourable, you can begin your work. Nothing complicated to be able to benefit from this bonus.

Regarding the workforce, it is not really necessary to contact approved people, even if it will facilitate the procedures reimbursement for later. You therefore have the right to ask whoever you want to carry out the work.

What about the reimbursement of “MaPrimeRénov’”?

If you have received approval for the reception “MaPrimeRénov’” help, it is time for you to start your project. One important thing is also to remember, when you buy your equipment, always take the trouble to ask for detailed invoices. This will allow the administration to reimburse you easily.

It is not necessary to move to submit your supporting documents after the work . Normally on the site, you have a personal space. Thanks to this space, you can discuss and submit your files at any time. Please fill in all the mandatory parts correctly when registering.

This will make it easy for staff to reimburse you for your expenses. So have no fear, because the staff in the institution will automatically see your movements. And as soon as all the parts are checked. Your “MaPrimeRénov’” will be paid directly into your bank account .