MaPrimeRenov’: this annual gain on the energy bill for French people who have carried out work

modified: 2023-01-25 22:04:02

To carry out energy renovation work, the French can count on the MaprimeRénov' scheme. We will explain everything to you.

  MaPrimeRenov' : ce gain annuel sur la facture énergétique pour les Français qui ont réalisé des travaux

Since a few months, gas prices and electricity blazed . Also, professionals and individuals are facing a serious energy crisis. For the French, only one emergency: reduce the bill . Some have therefore already taken good reflexes to limit their consumption. Indeed, since the fall, the government has been recommending run your machines at night , or lower the heating. However, all these efforts may prove to be of little impact, if you live a thermal strainer . However, the device MaPrimeRénov' , can help you carry out energy renovation work in your home. About what save money, sustainably

Who can benefit from MaPrimeRénov’?

The work covered by this aid can take different forms. Thus, in the first half of 2022, nearly 25% of the files submitted were aimed at installing a pellet stove . And 23% concerning the installation of heat pumps. Finally, out of 318,429 applications filed for get MaPrimeRénov' , 34,355 were for the purchase of a solar water heater (i.e. more than 10.7%).

But this aid also has effects on the different social classes that make up our society. Thus, among all the beneficiaries of this boost, 45% were from households considered to be very modest . That said, so-called 'affluent' households also benefit from MaPrimeRénov'. Thus, in 2022, they represented 3% of the financing granted. As a general rule, requests mainly come from owners, wish renovate their main residences . Landlords (or rental investors), they have less recourse to this device.

An effective way to lower the bill

Thanks to installations eligible for MaPrimeRénov’ , recipients can see clear savings in the medium term. According to Senator Thierry Repentin , this represents hundreds of euros less on invoices. “All those who this year have carried out energy renovation work, whether by gesture or overall, will thus earn 790 euros each year on their energy bill. And they will save three tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent of three Paris-New York round trips by plane. »

But the device will now evolve, to have more targeted action . Indeed, partial renovations are not enough to improve the energy performance of a home . Thus, if you install a heat pump in a dwelling, without redoing its insulation, you lose efficiency. Thus, from February 2023, MaPrimeRénov's 'global renovation' package will increase. For middle-income households, it will increase from 7,000 to 10,000 euros. But for households with higher incomes, it will reach 5,000 euros, compared to 3,500 euros previously . In 2023, the most modest households will also be able to benefit from enhanced support to carry out their work.

The MaPrimeRénov’ system also concerns condominiums. In this case, the financing ceiling can rise from 15,000 to 25,000 euros. However, since January 1, gas boilers are excluded from the device . And this, regardless of their energy performance. Finally, be aware that after April 1, 2023, the wealthiest households will no longer be able to apply to finance insulation work. If you want to know more about MaPrimeRénov' , go to the site dedicated to this boost.

Source : MoneyVox