MaPrimeRénov’: UFC-Que Choisir unveils the changes for 2023

modified: 2023-01-07 19:17:02

Intended for those who are starting thermal insulation work, MaPrimeRénov' will undergo several changes in 2023.

  MaPrimeRénov’: UFC-Que Choisir unveils the changes for 2023

Launched in 2020, MaPrimeRénov’ operates as help for households . It must also encourage owners to carry out renovations in their properties. The goal? Carry out work allowing for a less energy-consuming building . But recently, a report issued by France Strategy and by the General Inspectorate of Finance, points out several problems . Thus, MaPrimeRénov’ could experience several changes in the coming months. In question ? Its effectiveness, insufficient according to the two state agencies.

Several flats for MaPrimeRénov’

In the report on the 'France Relance' plan, France Strategy and the General Inspectorate of Finance shared their findings. However, according to these two institutions, the system lacks consistency . Indeed, it makes it possible to obtain assistance for limited renovations. And households only rarely embark on complete works to bringing housing up to standard .

In this latest report, it is explained, among other things, that MaPrimeRénov’ beneficiaries mainly perform single actions. For example, they will settle for install a heat pump, without necessarily opting for insulation at the same time .
'A heating system cannot be efficient without adequate insulation, which is a prerequisite in a coherent and optimized process. »

Or, only 0.3% of MaPrimeRénov’ files concern comprehensive renovation work . And yet, in France, there are more than 5 million thermal colanders. Which means that many accommodations turn out to be too greedy in energy . A situation that can no longer last in our time, where gas and electricity bills are exploding.

The public authorities take these criticisms into account

After the difficulties raised in this last report, MaPrimeRénov’ should therefore undergo several changes in 2023 . The goal? Promote optimal developments in the dwellings concerned. It is therefore a question of making the system more effective, and of driving real change. Indeed, the sale of a habitable property now involves an energy performance diagnosis .

To be able to put accommodation for sale or for rent , it is now necessary to be able to prove that it does not consume too much energy. Thus, Maprimerénov’ seems to indicate everything to help owners. But the incentives it offers should see an increase. The goal? Convince more people to start ambitious work. From February 1, 2023, the 'global renovation' packages will therefore increase to 10,000 euros, or 5,000 euros for wealthy people.

For the most modest, MaPrimeRénov’ Serenity should also change. As a reminder, this aid, accessible subject to means testing, finances up to 35% of the amount of the work. It can now reach 35,000 euros. Or 25,000 euros in the case of a condominium .

In a context of inflation and the energy crisis, renovation work is becoming urgent. Indeed, France is also facing difficulties in terms of the rental market. This is getting smaller and smaller. In question ? Too few vacant homes available for rent . However, this situation leads to a problem of poor housing. The National Housing Agency (ANAH), therefore hopes to have a greater impact in the future. Let’s hope that the incentives offered by MaPrimeRénov’ will be able to allow the French to do judicious work .

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