Marc Simoncini: his daughter is a singer and she has already faced Bilal Hassani

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Did you know that Marc Simoncini in 'Who wants to be my partner? was the father of a well-known singer? Zoom in on the details.

  Marc Simoncini: his daughter is a singer and she has already faced Bilal Hassani

Marc Simoncini is one of the most influential men in France . His inspiring journey in the world of entrepreneurship has honed its expertise in the field . This quality makes him a major asset on the show 'Who wants to be my partner' as a project judge. This businessman is also the father of a famous singer by its own means. We tell you more in this article.

Marc Simoncini is not the only talented member of his family

On January 4, 2023, M6 broadcast the 3rd season of the television program 'Who wants to be my partner? '. new entrepreneurs will present their projects to 5 top business leaders .

The television viewers will find Anthony Bourbon (creator of Feed), Delphine André (director of GCA), Eric Larchevêque (founder of Ledger), Jean-Pierre Nadir (founder of Easyvoyage and Fairmoove), Isabèle Chevalier (founder of Bio-K+) and Marc Simoncini (founder of Meetic and Angell). This last has developed a very sharp sense of expertise thanks to around fifty companies in which he has invested.

He is positioned at the 245th place of the wealthiest individuals in France. It is therefore a well-known businessman , but he is not the only one to be famous in the family . This last is actually the father of a successful singer, Léa Simoncini .

The girl has always wanted to stand out without the influence of his father by choosing a stage name very different from his surname. She then made known under the pseudonym of Seemone .

In 2019, this one arrives at the final of Destination Eurovision and bows to Bilal Hassani . But the girl does not give up. Then a year later, his first album receives the Georges Moustaki prize .

Leah Simoncini always made sure to stand out by his own talent without taking advantage of the notoriety of his father.

“There is this man in the media, who does what he has to do, what he wants to do. And then my father. It is obviously not necessary that I am constantly associated with him, that I am confined to the role of ‘daughter of “, she had said in Télé-Loisirs.

A talented businessman

Marc Simoncini get into entrepreneurship after graduating from Supinfo. He thus created the CTB company specializing in the supply of Minitel services. This one does not achieve the expected success .

Business man is therefore more interested in the digital world where he sees a promising future. He quickly returned to the market with the launch of a site host called iFrance. Very quickly, his company comes 2nd in its category .

Marc Simoncini sells iFrance in 2000 for 45 million euros. With all this capital, the latter now positions itself as a business angel . This title is awarded to entrepreneurs who have made a breakthrough in their sector and are looking for other business opportunities .

They are different from traditional investors such as banks and capital funds. When these find a good project idea , they invest their personal money in it. They also support the growing company through their expertise and their network of contacts.

Marc Simoncini will be 60 next March and already has a long list of successful entrepreneurial experience behind him . He is best known for founding the first French dating site, Meetic. After an IPO and a phenomenal success , the entrepreneur sells 70% of his shares to

In 2010, he created Jaïna Capital, an investment fund. This last notably contributed to fundraising for entities such as Melty , Winamax, Molotov, etc.

Recently, Marc Simoncini turned to the electric bike sector with his new startup Angell. The entrepreneur wants to revolutionize his product to propel it from 2022 on the European and American market .

Marc Simoncini in 'Who wants to be my partner? »

In 2022, the fortune of Marc Simoncini is estimated at 400 million euros , a figure that has been steadily rising for several years. This businessman joined the program 'Who wants to be my partner?' » since its first edition, in 2020.

The show is perfect for its Business Angel activities . « I am very careful about the file in which I enter and I absolutely want this is a case that can have a real impact , measurable on biodiversity, nature, climate…”.

Its selection criterion is simple.

“I want to invest only in this type of project from now on. The first question to ask is: can we solve a problem, the second question is: will we make money with this? “, he explained.

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