Marie Garet: 'I am insulted by all names' her painful secrets about her daily life

modified: 2023-02-06 23:09:02

Marie Garet goes to the TMPM set to talk about the harassment she has suffered since leaving Secret Story 5

  Marie Garet :"Je me fais insulter de tous les noms" ses douloureuses confidences sur son quotidien

Marie Garet took part in Secret Story 5 in 2011 and has since appeared on other reality shows, without a happy fame. This Saturday, February 4, she participated in the TPMP program and discussed the harassment she suffered during her participation. She insists here that his life has become hell.

Marie Garet participates in season 5 of Secret Story and becomes the laughingstock of all

The former reality TV candidate looks back on the experience she had during her participation in her first show. Unfortunately for her, she evokes on the set of TPMP People it was not a happy experience. ' It's not a good memory but despite everything, it brought me a lot of things in the sense that it made me mature , I have really strengthened myself and I approach life in a different way. It also made me more humble, I was really a little bitch. “, she said.

Marie Garet took a step back from her experience in her first reality. But, despite this, it suffers from a poor image. It was his notorious appearances on reality TV that led to bad press in his image. She became a emblematic figure and has often been the laughingstock of all, both in the villa and with the spectators.

Today, Marie continues to suffer the consequences of the negative image she sent back to the screens. “I am still a liberal nurse but I still live the consequences of reality TV. I am still widely recognized. I am still recognized except that before I was adored today I am being insulted by all names. Because I don't look like anything, because nurse and reality TV don't go together. I have patients who have changed nurses because in fact you always have to prove ten times more than an average nurse . “, she breathed wearily.

She confides in the image she gave off during her years of reality TV

During her first participation in reality TV, Marie Garet immediately displayed the mask of the 'villain' of the show. However, Matthieu Delormeau – presenter of TPMP People , recalled that it was only a role.

Marie clarifies that his behavior was not mean, but that his character was misunderstood. She doesn't blame herself for it. She even considers that it was a chance to have this strength of mind, otherwise: 'I would have shot myself,' she confessed. In addition, Marie reveals undergoing a 'bad light'. Worse still, she never knows which foot to dance to when meeting new people. “I never know if people are there for me, my notoriety or because they think I have money”, she evoked full of despair.

In fact, Marie says she came to the set to do prevention and emphasize the importance for current generations to say that reality TV 'sticks to your skin for a lifetime' she finished. Thus, young people dream of reality TV could have been questioned thanks to his testimony.

Source : TeleStar