Marie-Sophie Lacarrau: her colossal salary to present the 1 p.m. news finally unveiled!

modified: 2022-09-23 15:09:03

Known for her JT broadcast on TF1, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau faces many criticisms. But it seems that his salary is very high.

  Marie-Sophie Lacarrau

After the disappearance of Jean-Pierre Pernaut , Marie-Sophie Lacarrau replaced him. It therefore presents the 1:00 p.m. journal , on the chain TF1 . But for part of the public, the journalist is not at the height . Indeed, some consider it soft and tasteless. But the news presenter has also been talked about because of its income.

An honorable career for Marie-Sophie Lacarrau

47 years old, the journalist has been on the small screen for more than 20 years . Thus, she started in 2000 on France 3. Subsequently, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau hosted the Journal de 13 heures on France 2, between 2016 and 2020. Finally, between 2019 and 2020, she presented the Prodigy program .

While she had a brilliant career, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau also had health concerns . Thus, she contracted amoebic keratitis in 2022. This disease was caused by wearing contact lenses of contact. It's about a pathology very rare. Moreover, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau wanted to raise awareness to this problem. Also, she described symptoms like this :
“The feeling of having gravel or bits of glass in your eye. The pain radiates to the head and teeth. Impossible to imagine that it would be so long, so painful. »

Afterwards, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau to repris they are afterwards on May 16, 2022. But since then, it has been the subject of some criticism. Yet she has behind her solid experience as a journalist . In addition, she has already provided numerous newsletters during her professional life.

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Journalist's salary ignites debate

In an interview with ELLE , Marie-Sophie Lacarrau spoke about her salary without detours. Of course, we can expect the salary associated with his prestigious position exceeds the minimum wage. In addition, the journalist assumes that it is a great advantage for her . After all, she already has a long career, and presents a key program on TF1.
« When I said yes to this incredible challenge, I didn't even think about the salary. I was told after how much I will win, I was very happy, end of the deal. »

After these revelations, the income of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau generated a lot of debate . Thus, on the set of TPMP, the rumor has swelled a lot. And each columnist was able to give his opinion on the salary that the journalist receives.
For Cyril Hanouna , who knows the presenter personally, it would be a large sum. Indeed, he estimates that she receives around 30,000 euros per month.

On the TPMP board , other commentators did not hesitate to speculate on the salary of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau.
'Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, I think she had to win 12,000 euros on France 2 , she had to roughly double her salary. It's amazing when she says she's paid a lot more at TF1 than at France 2.'

Since she joined TF1 , Marie-Sophie Lacarrau would have income very substantial. For the time being, the main interested party has not confirmed this figure. In fact, the conflict between TF1 and CANAL+ groups rages. Thus, the journalist in charge of the JT of 1 p.m., thinks above all to its public .