Married at first sight: a couple escapes a shooting in Mexico, they are traumatized!

modified: 2022-09-21 02:17:01

Damien and Pauline had an extraordinary vacation in Mexico! The revealed couple of Married at first sight reveals everything!

  Married at first sight

This couple from Married at first sight season 6 was peacefully enjoying their vacation in Mexico. But this lovely romantic getaway quickly turned into a nightmare when a shocking and traumatic event took place! Following the big scare they just experienced, the two lovebirds tell all the details on their Instagram page. We give you an appointment in the following paragraphs to know the entire story!

Married at first sight: A nightmarish end to the vacation!

This couple is certainly no longer to present! Revealed in the sixth season of Married at first sight, 'Damien and Pauline' very quickly conquered the viewers of the show. Between complicity and compatibility, the two candidates had fulfilled all the criteria required to form a couple.

And by the way, they arrived to this conclusion ! Both lovebirds were then brought together by Pascal de Sutter and Estelle Dossin in front of an entire audience. Having reached a major milestone in their lives, they said “Yes” to Gibraltar!

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Following the end of the shooting of this edition of Married at first sight, the couple file from the perfect love. And it seems, Damien and Pauline will celebrate their first wedding anniversary very soon.

For this great occasion, the two lovers offered themselves a vacation in Mexico! But instead of enjoying these moments of relaxation, they found themselves in the middle of a crime scene !

'In truth, it's freaking hot there'!

The holidays that the couple in Married at First Sight spent were far from pleasant. But in any case, this getaway was surely remarkable!

Know that apparently, the two lovers narrowly escaped a series of shootings. Turning this stay into a nightmare! Faced with this traumatic event , Damien was quick to update his Instagram community by telling them the terrible news.

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On Saturday September 17, the young man shocked its subscribers by posting a succession of stories. And judging by the snaps he had leaked, this series of shootouts was far from a joke in bad taste!

« In truth, it's freaking hot there “, had written the former candidate of Married at first sight in legend. Viewers couldn't help but worry about the safety of these two personalities!

Married at first sight: A Texas tourist was seriously injured!

More details have been revealed by the Mexican media “MacropolisQr”! The event apparently happened at a bar known as the 'Tequila Barrel'. This one is located on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen.

The atmosphere was calm as the consumers enjoyed their discussions in front of their glasses. When suddenly, a 38-year-old Texan tourist took a bullet! Finding himself in a critical condition, the man would currently find himself between life and death .

During the event, Damien and Pauline (Married at First Sight) made a stop in Playa del Carmen. Having posed to film themselves in a store, the couple had apparently been locked up there!

The couple did not have authorization to leave the place only a few minutes later. And to their surprise, they discover the chaos in the street. This is explained by the significant police presence, bloody and handcuffed suspect and police cordon! A holiday that will certainly mark them for life!