Married at first sight: a new separation of an emblematic couple of the show

modified: 2023-01-04 09:43:02

Recently, a couple formed by the show Married at first sight decided to end their story.

  Married at first sight: a new separation of'un couple emblématique de l’émission

The Married at First Sight show is all about building couples, and in many cases, it works. But, if it works, it doesn't last forever . Indeed, one of the emblematic couples of the show has decided to start the new year, separately. A news that surprised many fans of the show . Since in two years of relationship, the couple has already had two children. We'll explaine everything here.

Married at first sight forms couples

It remains in the season of Married at First Sight in 2016 that audiences got to meet Tiffany. A young woman who wanted to find the love and the man of her life. At this time, the young woman was able to meet Thomas, also in search of love. But, this affair between them did not really seem to last . Finally single again , she ended up finding another man on the show, Justin.

With this new candidate of Married at first sight, the young woman feels fulfilled and madly in love. Very quickly, they decide to take new steps. And together they give birth to two children. After the wedding, they welcome Romy, then Zélie . And if for the little family, everything seems to be going very well, the couple actually had problems.

A different new year

Indeed, this married couple at first sight made an announcement that did not fail to surprise. It turns out that together, they ended their idyll. It therefore remains this Sunday, January 1, that Tiffany made its announcement. “ Not to be original, I wish you all a wonderful year. For us, as you will surely have understood, it will be synonymous with change. We no longer take the same life path with Justin ”. Even though the “ family and (their) daughters will always remain (their) priority ”. Faced with this, she also asks to” show respect for this decision . Thank you for your unwavering support, and on the way to 2023! ”.

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Still, Tiffany thought her Married at First Sight subscribers knew something was up. It turns out that the young woman thought she had dampened the news. But obviously not at all. Her subscribers looked more than amazed, but also disappointed and sad for her. So we can read “ Oh damn, I would never have believed it, nothing suggested that « , « Sad news ! « , « It was my couple goal. The couple everyone dreams of « , « Incredible this news... I'm in shock « , « Shocked ! Really in shock. How it is possible ? Not you. So sad ”.

Sometimes a different reality

It must be said that if his subscribers looked so surprised , it remains because of social networks. Because, the photos that this couple of Married at first sight shared seemed to show a united couple. But, this is the difference between the internet and reality. It turns out that even if for the image, they would pose photos in appearance, in reality, it was no longer going. We suspect that with two girls in the middle of this, the problem remains deeper . And obviously, the separation remained the only option. In any case, 2023 will seem very different from 2022 for this small family which is now separated.

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