Married at first sight: after 2 miscarriages, Pauline confides in her third pregnancy

modified: 2022-12-30 21:17:02

Pauline (Married at First Sight) is currently going through a difficult pregnancy that is not going as planned.

  Married at first sight: after 2 miscarriages, Pauline confides in her third pregnancy

The M6 ​​broadcast , Married at First Sight, aims to create couples based on their criteria. They then meet for the first time… at their wedding. Indeed, this television program sees many couples create and hope that their relationship lasts. For some people, it worked. We then take l'exemple de Pauline et Damien. Met during the sixth season of Married at first sight, they still share their life together. They even decided to expand their little family . Eh yes ! Pauline and Damien await a very happy event. Nevertheless, Pauline is currently going through a very difficult pregnancy which constrains her in her daily life. We'll explaine everything here !

Married at first sight: Pauline and Damien

You probably all know the successful M6 show, Married at first sight. A unique concept that sees two people meet on their wedding day . Without any prior exchange, the two candidates must get to know each other, live together and open their hearts. You should know that some couples have truly fallen in love with this show. Among the candidates who still share their life together, we then find Pauline and Damien. In effect, encountered in the sixth season of Married at first sight, they decided to accelerate their relationship. It would seem that getting married the day they first met didn't prove enough. Thus, almost a year after their meeting, they announced they were expecting a baby. And this, on December 24, to all their subscribers on social networks. A news that has delighted their fans.

Since the announcement, Pauline has made a point of doing some secrets about her pregnancy and the difficulties she is encountering. You should know that the candidate of Married at first sight is not at his first attempt. Indeed, she took the floor to reveal that she has had two miscarriages before this pregnancy. Traumatic and above all exhausting ordeals for the young mother. This has not only tired his physique but also his morale . Fortunately, now they have been able to announce this wonderful news. They haven't lost hope and it looks like their Christmas miracle has happened. However, as explained, the candidate of Married to the first does not live an easy pregnancy. She therefore confided in her Instagram account in the days following their wonderful announcement.

Pauline: exhausted by this difficult pregnancy

According to the statements of the two candidates of Married at first sight, it would seem that the term of the pregnancy is scheduled for the month of June. In the meantime, Pauline lives complicated days. On her Instagram account, she then published a story. And this, in order to evoke the great fatigue that she tries, somehow, to go through. Exhausted by the holidays or the start of her pregnancy? No one knows at the moment. In any case, the mother-to-be hopes things will get better in the coming weeks. « This morning at work, I was seized with a fatigue from another world. I couldn't take it anymore this morning. Limit I fell asleep in the car on the way “, she therefore confided with an open heart to her subscribers.

As you can imagine, some of his followers had questions for her about this pregnancy. So she had to answer it. The first question from a subscriber: “ How are you ? I hope you're not too nauseous? '. The candidate of Married at first sight therefore explained how this early pregnancy affected her on a daily basis . « So I had a lot of nausea and I couldn't sleep at night. With the job it was complicated the first three months. There it starts to stabilize a little but sometimes it comes back! “, she confided. Fortunately, she can count on the support of her gynecologist who follows her closely. But also her husband Damien, who is enthusiastic about becoming a dad, and who would do anything to make his young wife feel better.

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