Married at first sight: this long message from Alicia for her deceased sister

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Alicia (Married at First Sight) recently posted a touching message about the fatal accident that took the life of her sister.

  Married at first sight: this long message from Alicia for her deceased sister

Everyone goes through ups and downs in life. For Alicia, the former candidate married at first glance, it seems that the two events occur at the same time of the year. You probably know her thanks to her participation in the sixth season of Married at first sight. During this television program, Alicia met a young man named Bruno . Over time, the two candidates have created undeniable bonds. A real proof of the success of the M6 ​​broadcast. Viewers were then able to follow the couple throughout the adventure. However, it turns out that there are still details of their private lives that viewers are unaware of. On Saturday, December 24, Alicia made touching secrets through an Instagram post . In a moving message, she therefore mentioned his sister's fatal accident. We tell you everything!

Bruno and Alicia: lovers since Married at first sight

Throughout this year, M6 aired the sixth season of the program of love, Married at first sight. During this program, viewers were able to meet many new candidates. And this, of which Alice and Bruno. The two candidates were married during Married at first sight. According to experts, the two lovebirds showed a very high compatibility rate. It should be noted that for some candidates on the M6 ​​show, the compatibility rate is not enough. However, it seems that Bruno and Alicia have found each other well. So, after the shooting, their bond continued to evolve and they truly found their soul mate. Since the end of the sixth season of Married at first sight, the two have not hesitated to share their daily lives and their love with their subscribers. And this, through their Instagram accounts.

Despite all the love they received following their participation in Married at first sight, life in the spotlight can sometimes get unhealthy. It must be said that although some Internet users only show benevolence, others do not hesitate to criticize. And sometimes that can prove too much. At the beginning of December, Bruno therefore took the decision to step away from social media. « J I had given myself the goal, finally the obligation to completely get off the networks for a week to take stock of the rest “, he had confided. And this, before adding: the future looks amazing, I can't wait to share it with you '. Subscribers immediately understood this need and wished him a good rest. I have to say that their life has changed since their participation in Married at first sight.

A difficult mourning for Alicia

Despite her husband's social detox, Alicia continued to share a few snippets of her daily life via her Instagram account. The former candidate of Married at first sight tries to remain frank and true through her publications. Thus, on Saturday December 24, 2022, Alicia decided to make some touching secrets to her benevolent public. She explained that the Christmas period was a double-edged sword for her . Indeed, although Christmas is a happy event for many people, the reality of the former candidate of Married at first sight seems very different. First of all, she says she doesn't like Christmas . « I can't be hypocritical and wish happy holidays with a smile “, therefore confided Alicia.

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I have to say that this sentence may seem absurd to many people. Unfortunately, Alicia's past prevents her from enjoying this time of year. Indeed, she continued her confidences which quickly took a dramatic turn . « It was on the night of December 24 to 25 that the life of my family, my life, changed. Difficult to celebrate during a period of mourning. Especially on a date where you lost your other half '. The former candidate of Married at first sight therefore explained that the night of December 24, 2016, his sister unfortunately lost her life in a car accident . A life-changing drama. We then understand better why Christmas is a difficult time for the young woman.

Alicia (Married at First Sight) adds a photo

The former candidate of Married at first sight and coordinating nurse, visibly pained , still wanted to continue his confidences. And this, accompanied by a photo of her. ' You have to know how to live with it then, I make myself pretty because the world has not stopped. I reveal my face without smiling, but ultimately the real me is the one who has always smiled. Because I was born like that, with a smile and the joy of living '. This car accident turned his life upside down but also the life of his family. Since the evening of December 24, 2016, Christmas no longer means the same thing to them.

To conclude, Alicia therefore shared her support for all the people who find themselves alone during this time of year, but also everyone who has lost a loved one. It must be said that we often forget that everyone goes through different ordeals. And that one person's joy can be another person's pain. In the comments, Internet users did not hesitate to share their positive vibes with the former candidate of Married at first sight. If we cannot take away his pain, we can still grant him love and support during this painful time.

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