Martins Licis and Squat University Share Overhead Press Form Tips

Dr. Aaron Horschig of Squat University and ruling 2019 World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis have actually produced a strong bond, as Dr. Horschig assisted Licis recuperate from injuries. They’ve produced various training videos together, including their ideas on how to master the deadlift and squat. They’re back with another video to provide their ideas on how to correctly carry out the overhead press.

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” Most huge men do not have the versatility to get the bar all the method to the collar bone,” keeps in mind Licis. He shares that he’s had a more difficult time getting his stringent press weight up, especially compared to larger guys he completes versus in the strongman circuit.

To enhance the lift, and other overhead pushing motions, he’s dealt with his movement.

” I utilize my lower lats and traps to pull back and push my scapula to pull the bar into my collar bone,” states Licis.

This assists him to move the force from his legs into his chest and straight into the bar.

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When pushing a barbell, Licis notes he ensures his elbows are somewhat in front of his wrists (a preferably stacked position). He pulls his head and chest back somewhat, and brings his spinal column to a neutral position.

” I never ever wish to press my neck forward and down, since that will really make me lose my lockout,” states Licis.

For his push-press, which is more tailored to Olympic weight-lifting than Licis’ strongman presses, Dr. Horschig notes his elbows will be a little bit greater to simulate the jerk normal of those kinds of motions. Both variations will be utilizing the very same property, nevertheless: pressing behind, and actually getting the barbell behind the head and above the ears. Horschig has a technique to keep his kind on track.

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” One example that worked for me is to believe if you were pressing a window open and sticking your head through a bit, that’s practical for getting the barbell into a great position,” states Dr. Horschig.

Before getting to the exercise, Licis keeps in mind that he is still recuperating from being struck by a cars and truck, so he might take it a little much easier in the exercise.

Licis grabs a bar and begins dealing with his overhead press with no extra weight to warmup.

” It feels great, it takes a lot more focus to get the lockout. My lats and carry today feel stiff,” states Licis.

The men then get to turning lifts and complete the exercise.

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