Mask Singer: Jeff Panacloc finally balances why Jean-Marc is cut from editing!

modified: 2022-09-15 19:17:01

Mask Singer: Why is Jean-Marc excluded from the program? Jeff Panacloc explains the reasons for this!

  Mask Singer

Mask Singer reappears on the TF1 antenna! According to the latest news, puppet Jean-Marc has apparently been dropped from the show. However, Jeff Panacloc did not hesitate to explain the details of this expulsion to us!

Mask Singer: The reactions of Internet users to Jeff Panacloc!

Mask Singer recently broadcast its 4ᵉ season on the TF1 channel. The program has always been very successful since its launch. Especially since Internet users have given great importance to the participants of the programme .

For this new season, Jeff Panacloc was one of the masked celebrities in the show ! He always associated with his puppet Jean-Marc during his show. But apparently many reactions quite negative have circulated on the web about it!

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Since his debut, Jeff Panacloc has not stopped making viewers laugh! But sometimes, he also brings out rather inappropriate jokes and moreover some audiences find his jokes a little displaced . You just have to see them with the help of the reactions of cybernauts after the first broadcast of Mask Singer.

The comedian with his puppet was part of the show with some actors like Ladesou or even Kev Adams . And of course most of his audiences found Jean-Marc to be a little too rude during his performance. Some Internet users have commented “Another unsuitable juror” or “Jeff Panacloc is a big word per sentence”.

Jeff Panacloc explains!

After the success of the first 3 editions, the Mask Singer phenomenon is back for a season incredibly full of surprises and twists! The TF1 show posted its 5 new characters masked celebrities! And among them, Jeff Panacloc!

After the rather negative comments from the public, the puppeteer had an interview with Buzz TV from Le Figaro. the ventriloquist recognize that his puppet has sometimes been vulgar and he also understands the outraged reactions of the public.

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Before Mask Singer, the comedian has already recognized last year during his discussion in Télé-Loisirs vulgarity of his puppet. Jeff Panacloc explained that once before his performance, he had to warn his audience by putting on the display of his show the phrase 'not recommended for children under 12'.

Besides, the ventriloquist acknowledges that his jokes sometimes go overboard. But when there are children, he says he is soft.

Mask Singer: Jean-Marc excluded from certain parts of the shooting!

On Tuesday September 13, Jeff Panacloc, as an investigator for Mask Singer, had an interview with the hosts of Buzz TV du Figaro. It was the opportunity for him to explain some facts that occurred during the montage of the show.

And yes ! Indeed, he admitted that many scenes were cut! More particularly at times when Jean Marc , Jeff Panacloc's puppet, began his misfit jokes.

Moreover, Jean Panacloc was very understanding, saying that it was not a problem for him. The Mask Singer investigator even confided that, sometimes, it is himself who asks the technicians to cut out some slippery scenes during editing!

In short, the parts where Jean-Marc starts throwing vulgar jokes have been removed. This then explains why his puppet was less often on screen during the broadcast of Mask Singer.