Massive product recall in France: this food adored by the French is contaminated, it must not be consumed, it is Tomacouli!

modified: 2022-09-12 14:15:02

Product recall cases have been frequent in the country this year. This is not to be taken lightly!

  Product recall

A product recall is hardly a surprise to us! Since the beginning of this year, perhaps information of this kind has touched our ears. In general, it has become a habit to hear it. As a result, we sometimes end up getting bored of it and we don't pay too much attention to it! However, this is a mistake, because these details are of paramount importance. On this, a news has gone viral lately!

Product recall: Pay attention to this one!

In general, any product recall is fundamental! That's why it's good not to ignore them . A single moment of wandering can bring you trouble. It should be noted that many bacteria food are present in France at the moment.

The most famous of them are salmonella and listeria ! They are found in products defective which are accidentally still on the market.

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This is why Rappel conso is always on standby to denounce these circumstances. questionable . In this way, the state can save the lives of many citizens. How ? With this product recall, he warns the population on the dangers of drinking of ces articles.

Also, help them escape food poisoning! This time, the latter is even worse so be very careful. The summons is national in scope since it is the DGCCRF that shares it!

What is the nature of this national product targeted by this ad?

Indeed, you are advised to be vigilant with this product. If he is marketed at the national level, this means that it is an article belonging to a large firm. In other words, a very recognized brand in France!

This is why it will be quite difficult to recognize it on the shelves and on the shelves of supermarkets. Deceived by external appearances and brand , you will only see fire! On the other hand, a product recall can guide you in identifying the item!

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According to the DGCCRF, this product recall concerns a indispensable from the kitchen. To give you a hint, it allows you to create a topping for pizzas or make a sauce for pasta. This ingredient is also good to accompany meatballs or prepare a stuffed zucchini.

What is it about ? We are talking about a tomato sauce sold by Intermarché! To be more exact, the Organic Tomacouli from the Panzani brand of 265 g. Its lot number is GTIN 3038350032195 Lot 2220060193 and Lot 2220060194.

Product recall: Why should this warning be taken into consideration?

First of all, following the instructions of this product recall guarantees that you are in good health. This saves you from being the victim of a possible intoxication eating ! In addition, if you return this tomato sauce to the point of sale before October 8, you will get a refund .

Like this, you will also be able to avoid the other disadvantages associated with its consumption . The reason for this product recall with this sauce is due to a manufacturing defect . This can generate micro leaks after defective heat sealing! Nothing beats vigilance!