Massive recall: apple compotes for children recalled throughout France

modified: 2023-01-05 16:25:02

Counts are among the favorite foods of children. Be careful, however, as one batch is currently subject to a massive recall.

  Massive recall: apple compotes for children recalled throughout France

Tuesday, January 3, 2023, the government site Rappel Conso sound the alarm on a batch of compotes for children. Then follows a massive recall in several stores of the U brand throughout France. For which motive ? What is the brand concerned ? Details in this article.

Massive recall of compotes for children

If you have done your shopping in one of the stores of the U brand recently, check your cupboards . Even more so if you love buying compotes for your children .

Indeed, a batch of water bottles from the Mat & Lou brand is currently undergoing a massive recall . The product in question was on sale in stores of the U brand throughout France until January 3, 2023. Among the stores of the chain, we can cite in particular Super U and Hyper U .

According to Rappel Conso, these are gourds apple strawberry-apple apricot without sugar added 6×90 g. The recalled product is lot L8937 with GTIN 3256225042470 . Its date of minimum durability is October 1, 2023.

The reason for the massive recall

As with all product recalls, if these compotes are the target of a massive recall , is that they are dangerous . In this case, these products for children have patulin levels above regulatory limits .

For information, patulin is a mycotoxin resulting from the secretion of certain fungi microscopic. The presence of mold promotes its appearance . As you will have understood, ingesting it would be problematic.

For good reason, according to ANSES, patulin once consumed in large quantities may cause gastrointestinal disturbances . But also ulcerations, distensions, haemorrhages and kidney disorders.

Thus, do not take the danger of patulin on your children lightly. If in doubt, do not delay in consulting a doctor . While specifying that you or one of your relatives has consumed a product subject to a massive recall .

What should be done with a recalled product?

It may be that you have purchased one of these compotes for children, but have not consumed them yet. In this case, what should be done? It is obvious that you must not eat it, neither you nor those around you .

There you have the choice between destroying the product or throwing it away . However, be aware that there is a third option: return to the store. In doing so, you will be eligible for a refund .

That said, act quickly, because the reimbursement don't last forever . You must know that this is possible until March 5, 2023. To do this, you just have to go to the U sign where you bought the compotes with or without a receipt .

For any additional information regarding the mass recall, you can contact the brand's consumer service U. The latter can be reached by dialing the number 0969366936.

Abseiling massif of granolas

Rappel Conso is the government site that identifies hazardous products for consumers. If on January 3, 2023 gourds of compotes were subject to a mass recall , There are others.

A few days earlier, on December 28, 2022, batches of granolas were were pinned by the site . Although delicious in appearance, these packets of biscuits are nevertheless dangerous to health .

According to the product recall sheet on the Rappel Conso website, these food items were on sale everywhere in France . In reality, they are two different brands. . Namely the granolas of the brand Maison Naja and Esprit Gourmand.

The first are the 500 g organic nut and seed granolas. You can identify them by looking at the back of the bag . The GTIN for the Maison Naja brand product is 3266481069135.

As for the Esprit Gourmand brand granolas, these are those in 50 g, 500 g and 5 kg sachets . For these products, several flavors are concerned . Here they are :

  • chocolate chips
  • Dried fruits
  • Chocolate and banana
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Chocolate chips and banana
  • Lingonberries and peanuts
  • Honey spices
  • Berries
  • Granola gourmand

These two brands of granola were subject to a mass recall , because the amount of sulfites in additives and flavorings exceed regulatory thresholds. As for the compotes, if you have some at home, bring them back to the point of sale to get a refund.

Source : 20minutes