Maternity leave: the possibility of leaving earlier with the pension reform?

modified: 2023-01-22 22:05:02

To complete the terms, maternity leave entitles you to the maternity increase. With the reform, is this still the case?

  Maternity leave: the possibility of leaving earlier with the pension reform?

At a press conference that was held on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 , the Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to present the pension reform. About this reform, one thing is certain, the legal retirement age will be postponed . He will no longer be at 62, but at 64. This provision is contested by the majority of French people. A strike broke out on January 19 . Does the reform provide for situations that allow you to leave before this new departure age ? The mothers will they be able to leave earlier thanks to maternity leave ? We answer you in this article.

Pension reform: several questions remain unclear

Emmanuel Macron's pension reform not from today . Since his first mandate, the President of the Republic has already alluded to this reform. The key element of this revision is the shift in the legal retirement age. This two-year lag angers citizens .

On January 19, 2023, unions call for protest . In the four corners of France, more than a million people answered the call of the unions. This strike demands the cancellation of the pension reform deemed 'unfair and brutal' .

For the moment, this pension reform is uncertain, several points are unclear. This situation heightens concern. Among these questions, does maternity leave always entitle you to a maternity increase ? Do children allow parents to retire before age 64?

Does maternity leave allow parents to leave earlier?

Under the current regime, the answer is yes. Maternity leave and parental leave allow you to leave earlier . Have children gives right to increases in the duration of insurance . The TF1 INFO information site, published on January 11, 2023, proves it.

“The birth of children gives the right to additional quarters of pension insurance [...] Quarters are also granted in return for the education of the child, we then speak of maternity increase, adoption increase and increase of education”.

In the case of the application of the pension reform, the journalist David Boéri spoke on the set of 12/13, Thursday January 12 , to clarify the issue. Relayed by France-Info, published on January 12, 2023, the journalist declared:

“Each child is systematically entitled to quarters of pension contributions. First of all, there is maternity leave, with 8 quarters per child, i.e. two years of contribution”.

Full quarters, but not the legal retirement age

Following his statement, journalist David Boéri said:

“Even if you can actually reach your 43 years of contribution before the age of 64 (…) you will have to continue your activity”.

Here, according to the provision of the current pension reform, maternity leave allows you to complete the terms before age 64 . On the other hand, it does not allow you to leave before the legal age of departure. What is the point of having increases in the duration of pension insurance then?

Always the same journalist answered this question.

“The only advantage: the acquisition of additional points on your supplementary pension, which will therefore increase the amount of your pension”

Thus, maternity leave does not allow the mother to leave before the legal age of retirement. However, it makes it possible to increase the amount of pensions. Isn't there a way to leave before 64 in this reform project?

Legal retirement age at 64: only one exception

If maternity leave does not allow leaving before age 64 s. A situation allows it. Here is what expert David Boéri said. Relayed by the information site Marie-France, published on January 20, 2023, it states:

“The reform provides for this, as part of the long career scheme. The quarters acquired during parental leave will now be taken into account in the calculations, for an early departure.

Here, at the time when you write this article, there is only one case that allows leaving before the age of 64 in the pension reform . Is the declaration of the striking unions which declares that this reform is “unfair and brutal” proven?

Source : Mariefrance