Matthieu Delormeau: after Gilles Verdez, the TPMP columnist atomizes Guillaume Genton!

modified: 2022-09-23 23:45:02

As usual, the TPMP program evokes a topic that is buzzing on the web. Apparently, the columnists have differing opinions.

  Matthew Delormeau

It is rare that during a show of Cyril Hanouna, there is no argument. During the show on Wednesday September 21, for example, it was Matthieu Delormeau who did not mince his words to denigrate his colleague Guillaume Genton. With his aggressive temperament, Matthieu Delormeau is still considered the most direct of TPMP columnists.

Matthieu Delormeau positions himself on the side of influencers

The subject of the debate focused on the video of a couple of influencers. They asked their subscribers that for 100,000 likes, they will have a second child. A subject that seems absurd in the eyes of Gilles Verdez and Guillaume Genton. The two colleagues are usually on the same wavelength and understand each other.

Matthieu Delormeau, for his part, very often sees things differently than his colleagues. He's also not shy about sharing what he thinks. And this time, he is unleashed wickedly towards Guillaume Genton.

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According to Guillaume Genton, les influencers usually already know what they want. They do this just to get more visibility and likes from their community. They make up such ridiculous subjects to attract attention. Shocked by the so-called 100,000 likes challenge, he begins to wonder, what will it be next. Thousands of Internet users and Matthieu Delormeau's fifty-year-old colleague are of the same opinion that this idea is really absurd.

Guillaume Genton even insisted on the fact that people today no longer want to work properly. And even worse, basing your life on the advice of your subscribers is completely ridiculous.

Is being an influencer a job?

In the eyes of Matthieu Delormeau, being an influencer is a job like any other. In addition to the investments of products , he insists on the fact that these people work much more than we see on the networks. He finds that being an influencer requires a lot of investment on all fronts.

Moreover, he specifies that if an influencer has so many subscribers, it is because people necessarily like what he does. Teenagers love the work and videos of influencers.

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In addition, an influencer earns a much better living than other people who work in a company. company . Maybe that's why a lot of people have decided to go this route.

Remember that the profession of influencer is a recent profession created from the rapid advance of social networks. The more followers an influencer has, the more money they earn, which is considered a salary.

Matthieu Delormeau harshly criticizes Guillaume Genton

Guillaume Genton, who apparently will never agree that being an influencer remains a profession . He receives a severe response from Matthieu Delormeau. Words which, it seems, have hit a small part of his self-respect.

An idea that seems misplaced for Matthieu Delormeau. He retaliates by throwing it right in the face: Every time you insult a influencer , you denigrate his subscribers at the same time” . And to top it off, Mathieu added that: “ You've already soured at 35 buddy' .

A way of saying that Guillaume Genton is very old mentally than physically. Moreover, on this subject, Jean-Michel Maire is of the same opinion as Matthieu Delormeau. He finds that Guillaume Genton ages terribly badly .