Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez in the cold: they finally confront each other in TPMP!

modified: 2022-09-14 19:06:02

Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez explain why they no longer speak to each other! We tell you everything in this article!

  Matthew Delormeau

Gilles Verdez was one of the guests that Cyril Hanouna had hosted on the TPMP board Monday, September 12! The opportunity for man to settle his accounts with Matthieu Delormeau! Apparently, the two personalities are no longer in contact. And it has been for six months now. But what happened? Why did they permanently cut ties and give up their beautiful friendship ? We have the answer and we will reveal it in the following lines. The details !

Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez: A confusion that had jeopardized their friendship!

The tension between Gilles Verdez and Matthieu Delormeau is currently one of the most tense! And this, since last May! Following a disagreement , these two ended up to cut them bridges

At that time, a great debate was orchestrated by Cyril Hanouna. The topic opened with a footballer known as Idrissa Gueye. Apparently he refused to wear the rainbow jersey .

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A pattern, which moreover represents the emblematic figure of LGBT + . The purpose of this action was obviously to support their cause, but also to fight homophobia!

Matthew Delormeau , the 58-year-old columnist, had sided with the player of PSG. At the same time, the man had judged his act as exemplary! But Gilles Verdez, for his part, was far from sharing the same opinion!

The columnist is not ready to forgive Gilles!

Following the commentary by Matthieu Delormeau, the former presenter (Gilles Verdez), decided to speak. And as it seems, the man didn't seem to have minced words.

So much so that he ended up leaving the plateau from Don't touch my post after openly insulting the columnist. A controversial event that viewers are not about to forget!

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Following this turn taken by this episode of TPMP, Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez have renounced their friendship . Four months later, these two had the chance to properly explain themselves. And this, always on the set of the Cyril Hanouna show.

Apparently the columnist 48-year-old was far from having buried the ax of war ! The rest of the article continues in the following paragraphs.

Matthieu Delormeau: 'As long as there is no reparation, there will be no forgiveness'!

Gilles Verdez did a big revelation which said a lot about his situation with Matthieu Delormeau! The former presenter then claims that they hardly speak to each other anymore. And presumably, Cyril Hanouna knew little about this story!

Wanting to know more, he asked the man to say more ! “We have a strong resentment for each other, at least I have one and I think it is shared”, he had indicated!

Before saying more: 'Since last year's controversy over racism and homophobia. I have completely cut ties with Matthieu, I no longer speak to him (…)” ! Matthew Delormeau affirms that he expected an apology or even less regret towards Gilles, but nothing.

“Now he knows very well the reason for our estrangement. She's very violent,' he said. But if his old coworker does not intend to make up for his actions , Matthieu, for his part, is very clear. 'Until there is reparation, there will be no forgiveness,' he said!