Matthieu Delormeau atomizes Léa Salamé in TPMP, the journalist sends him a masterful tackle!

modified: 2022-09-24 22:01:01

On C8, TPMP columnists spend their time debating. Among them, Matthieu Delormeau does not mince his words.

  Matthew Delormeau

The famous show presented by Cyril Hanouna often talked about. And for good reason, the columnists of TPMP do not have the language in their pocket. Some have been part of the team for a while, as Capucine Anav . Most Matthieu Delormeau remains faithful to the program C8 headlight. This week, the famous columnist attacked Léa Salamé…

In TPMP, the columnist expressed his doubts about Léa Salamé

The principle of the show has never changed: the columnists gathered by Cyril Hanouna comment on the PAF. Sometimes they also discuss current events. During the show from September 22, Matthew Delormeau therefore threw a few spikes.

Indeed, on the set of C8 , Léa Salamé mentioned the new show for which she is now responsible. It is What an era. The program will be broadcast on France 2. Moreover, the journalist can count on Christophe Dechavanne , as a guest permanent . Matthieu Delormeau then commented on the format of the show. According to him, Léa Salamé risks being upstaged .
“I am very worried about Léa, the sleeping lion still has his teeth (…) Christophe, you are the star, you are not a second (…) He will eat you Léa”

Thereby, this remark by Matthieu Delormeau aroused the indignation of Christophe Dechavanne .
'Geez, this boy really talks nonsense. »

But the worst was yet to come. So when the journalist responded to his attack, Matthieu Delormeau probably regretted his little reflection

Matthieu Delormeau, treaty stooge

In effect, Léa Salamé has a real career as a journalist behind her. She can please or annoy, but she has a hell of a repartee. She rose to fame through the show We are not in bed. Also, even though she remains younger than Matthieu Delormeau , she does not have much to envy him on the professional level.

Indeed, at 42, Léa Salamé also exercises at the microphone of France Inter . She's used to stand up to personalities of the political world without batting an eyelid. Also, she did not let Matthieu Delormeau destabilize her. Instead, she put him in his place. using some finesse . And his few words have a very sharp meaning.
'I was told, why didn't you do like all the animators who take stooges? »

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This scathing response was of course intended to designate Matthieu Delormeau. Indeed, before joining TPMP, he too had a fairly important career on NRJ12. But since he joined the ranks of Cyril Hanouna , it no longer has the same status .

Both in their forties, Lea Salame and Matthieu Delormeau have nevertheless chosen very different paths . Thus, one is devoted to major programs of political debates or to very serious documentaries . On the other hand, the columnist of TPMP stagnates a bit. Moreover, he often remains the target of attacks from his colleagues or his own boss .

A disappointing career Lea Salame therefore perfectly pointed the finger, without giving in to annoyance. On the web, many internet users appreciated his response.