Matthieu Delormeau furious: this tackle against Omar Sy on the set of TPMP

modified: 2023-01-06 10:24:04

Recently, Omar Sy made disturbing remarks for Matthieu Delormeau, an act that the latter took badly.

  Matthieu Delormeau furious: this tackle at the'encontre d'Omar Sy sur le plateau de TPMP

This Tuesday, January 3, the Touche team not at my post was able to address the subject of Omar Sy. It seems that the latter made remarks that caused controversy. And clearly did not please Matthieu Delormeau . And this, the columnist very quickly made it known on the set of Cyril Hanouna . We'll explaine everything here.

A controversial film

It turns out that the new film by Omar Sy remains a film which aims to make the French aware of the situation in Africa which has already been able and still takes place. So, with the release of his film, the actor was able to be interviewed by the Parisian. But, the latter shared an opinion that seemed to be controversial, especially for Matthieu Delormeau . It turns out that the actor did not hide his annoyance at the French point of view regarding the conflicts.

If what is happening in Eastern Europe seems to affect many French people, it seems hypocritical. In effect, Omar Sy regrets that there is not as much compassion for what can take place on the African continent . However, it is not easier to live for the citizens there.

Omar Sy does not criticize the interest in the conflict of our eastern neighbors. He just seems to regret the lack of equality of interest between different countries. Because, in Africa too, wars do a lot of damage . And yet, in France, the media and locals seem to care much less. This remains the thought of this actor. But, obviously, it doesn't really appeal to the Touch set, not to my position. And Matthieu Delormeau, did not fail to let it be known .

Matthieu Delormeau, angry at the comments made

On the Touche set not at my post, Omar Sy's words did not seem to be taken in the same way. Some hear and understand the actor's words. Others seem to take offense when confronted with the truth. And Matthieu Delormeau is one of those who took his words badly. The columnist declares at the beginning that “I find it very good that he is making a film about skirmishers because we don’t know the story. On the other hand, for me, it's a slippage because it makes us feel guilty ”.

But Matthieu Delormeau does not stop there. He also states that “Sorry, but at some point, we are human beings, we all have shit all day. Paying for gas, living and all that… So in Ukraine, we talked about it because it has a direct impact on us. I recognize that indeed, what often happens in Mali or in Africa, as there is less economic interest, it affects us less . We cannot be affected by all the wars in the world… It is very sad what is happening in Africa, but Ukraine ruins people in France, they pay for gas, there is no more petrol, there is nothing ”.

Differing opinions

On the other hand, the words of Matthieu Delormeau also seem quite controversial in reality. That Guillaume Genton disagree wanted to remind him. He finds that “there is a form of hypocrisy around this war”. And adds “ There are plenty of conflicts that no one talks about and Matthieu , you talk about consequences, but that was long before the consequences. The media have talked about it a lot and I find that people tend to follow what all the media say imposes stupidly ”. So there doesn't seem to be a right or wrong answer to this debate, but the hypocrisy seems indeed very present .

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