Matthieu Delormeau: 'hit me' the TPMP columnist accused of violence

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Matthieu Delormeau criticizes as much as he is criticized. This time, a journalist pointed out her obnoxious attitude during an altercation.

  Matthew Delormeau

Matthew Delormeau does not mince his words when he has an idea to defend . He is always present during the lively debates on 'Do not touch my post'. Like the other columnists of Cyril Hanouna, his remarks are direct and without adjustments . Christophe Dechavanne paid the price.

Nevertheless, the columnist is not a role model either. . A journalist from Europe 1 revealed the disrespectful actions of the columnist. A confidence which made a large number of Internet users react . Is the host really at fault? We take stock in the following lines.

Matthieu Delormeau, cash on Christophe Dechavanne

Christophe Dechavanne has a very bad reputation in the world of television . This March 9, he told his complicated return to this sector to Louise Aubery.

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“All my little comrades have fairly flat careers, for me it has been successes, failures, successes, failures… I took a lot of bowls,” he confessed.

A sequence that did not fail to react TPMP columnists . This is Matthieu Delormeau who especially started the discussion .

“We will tell the truth: karma. In general, the animators come back. The animators who don't usually come back on the air are the ones who - when they were on top - were obnoxious,” he said.

Cyril Hanouna , very intrigued, wanted to know why his columnist had made such remarks towards the host of the host.

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'What do you have against him? “, he commented.

He responded by saying:

'I'm sorry, I have nothing against him, but he worked with Boccolini and it went wrong, with everyone it went wrong. I also knew him, it went badly, Jean-Michel Maire knew him, it went badly. I'm sorry, but he's odious...'

According to Matthieu Delormeau, the difficult situation of Christophe Dechavanne would be well deserved .

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“We reach out to you when you are in the hole but you have behaved well with people. No one reached out to him, no channel, no producer. When he complains, it's just that for ten years he was obnoxious with all the chain bosses, with everyone, ”he added.

A journalist denounces the behavior of the columnist

The words of Matthieu Delormeau on Christophe Dechavanne were particularly violent . But he didn't comment on that.

Shortly after, a journalist from Europe 1 returned to making the same criticism of the columnist . This is Agnès Leglise, the former companion of Antoine de Caunes.

“Hum, Delormeau is obnoxious in real life and he hit me when I came between him and a colleague he was hitting for no reason! “, she wrote on her Twitter account.

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A curious internet user wanted to know more so this one pushed her explanation a little further.

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“We were colleagues briefly in the past and he didn't like one of our colleagues – one of my great friends – and one day in a meeting, he threw himself on him to hit him after a very innocuous remark, I was between both and I was shoved and knocked to the ground intervening,” she said.

But the latest news, Matthieu Delormeau has not yet given his word on it .

Matthieu Delormeau slapped a woman in public

Matthew Delormeau is quick to criticize personalities in TPMP . But even judging everyone on the famous talk show, the columnist isn't perfect.

Moreover, in 2017, he confessed to having slapped a stranger .

“It was at the airport, I had slapped him. If she wants to attack me, then we're on equal terms! This is what you need to know, ”he announced on the set of TPMP.

The columnist did not regret his action. According to him, it was completely legitimate, whether she is a woman or a man .

“She passed me in line. »

Faced with public disapproval, he continued:

“Listen to the context before judging! She passes in front of me, I tell her 'Madam, I think you have passed me, could you come back behind?'. She turns around and says to me, 'Fuck you, you poor bastard!', something like that. I repeat my request and I threaten, she does not go back behind, well the sanction has fallen (…) I did not hit her, it is not to hit, I jostled her to put her in her place. »

His history shocked the columnist Enora Malagré . But Matthieu Delormeau finds this normal.

“I would have done the same with a boy! ', did he declare.

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