Matthieu Delormeau (TPMP) the bad news has just fallen...

modified: 2022-09-12 14:15:02

The presenter of the TPMP program has made a big announcement! Matthieu Delormeau is eliminated during the presentation!

  Mathieu Delormeau

According to the latest news, Matthew Delormeau was fired from the TPMP show! Cyril Hanouna therefore expressed his notice concerning the young chronicler. So, find out the reasons for his departure from the screen.

Matthieu Delormeau: An unfiltered mouth columnist!

As a reminder, the show TPMP consists of presenting interesting everyday topics . This program is currently one of the most watched programs in France. Moreover, the columnists, including Matthieu Delormeau, present topics for discussion.

Matthieu Delormeau, a 28-year-old columnist, has become the center of the subject . The latter is a young man who has extraordinary characters. He has also participated in several debates interesting . Especially since his new career looks good in this team.

For your information, the famous columnist was victim of revenge ! Indeed, his ex-girlfriend ravaged his property for a funny argument. According to him, his former girlfriend was the culprit in this case. Especially since the latter revealed the story in front of all the viewers!

Admittedly, remarks have been made for this columnist ! The public already has its perception of his personality on set . Especially since he does not stay away from hurtful subjects! Lately, Cyril Hanouna was shocked by his words! Discover more details in the following lines

Cyril Hanouna, shocked by his lack of respect!

During the last presentation of 'TPMP', Cyril Hanouna was upset! A new season that is announced with a terrible showdown ! So what happened? Indeed, the host of the program saw an unhealthy character coming from Matthieu Delormeau!

Great public witnessed it! During this last shoot, Matthieu Delormeau and his other teammates were present to animate the stage of TPMP. No doubt, Cyril Hanouna played his role well!

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Indeed, the debate widens in other more complex subjects. A review by the columnist lost the cold blood of the famous animator ! According to the news, Matthieu Delormeau judged the behavior of the son of Cyril Hanouna!

This is what triggered the tantrum of this father! Among others, the young man did not keep his mouth shut to criticize an 8 year old child . Certainly, his reputation is at stake! Especially since the latter showed his true face to viewers and especially to his boss on the set!

Matthieu Delormeau: His departure on the set of TPMP!

Cyril Hanouna, carried away by his negative attitude! The latter found that the columnist doesn't live up to the show . Especially since Matthieu Delormeau recently criticized the lives of pregnant women.

Moreover, the public is concerned by his lack of respect. Know that sincerity is not defined by such impudence!

Great news has been taken in the programme TV show TPMP! First, columnist Matthieu Delormeau got kicked off the set .

To go up to another level, Cyril Hanouna will recruit a new member. Especially since he is an expert character in politics! Of course, the change is permanent.