Matthieu Delormeau viciously tackles Jean-Jacques Goldman 'He doesn't care'

modified: 2023-01-10 01:58:02

On C8, Matthieu Delormeau rages as a people expert. Recently, he did not hesitate to castigate Jean-Jacques Goldman.

  Matthieu Delormeau badly tackles Jean-Jacques Goldman"Il fout rien"

Cyril Hanouna reigns supreme on channel C8 . And to entertain the public even more, he entrusted the animation of TPMP People to Matthieu Delormeau. It must be said that the columnist has everything it takes to present such a program. It must be said that he rubbed shoulders with celebrities for many years. Former reality TV candidates, TV stars… He knows everyone, and spares no one. Indeed, in addition to his career on the small screen, Matthieu Delormeau is also distinguished by the small spades of which he has the secret. In the viewfinder this week? Jean-Jacques Goldman, the legend, the French song.

Matthieu Delormeau comments on the ranking of the favorite personalities of the French

Recently, the JDD published his Top 50 favorite French stars . However, this information did not escape the host of TPMP People. Matthieu Delormeau has therefore chosen to return in detail to this ranking . Indeed, Jean-Jacques Goldman comes first with 30% of the votes, followed closely by Thomas Pasquet (28%) and Omar Sy (26.3%).

However, as of last week, the famous C8 columnist did not miss Omar Sy . Matthew Delormeau. 'I think it's very good that he's making a film about skirmishers because we don't know the story. On the other hand, for me, it is a slippage because it makes us feel guilty. »

And learning that Jean-Jacques Goldman was placed top of the Top 50 , he did not hide his disappointment. “I love Jean-Jacques Goldman. But he lives in London, he takes two million euros a month, which he receives from Sacem. He's at home, he doesn't care. »

A real scandal according to the columnist

Matthieu Delormeau believes that the singer does not show enough generosity . 'Still if he gave them to a charity and everything, but he's at home, he doesn't give a damn and he's first. Abbé Pierre was first, but he devoted his life to others. But what has Goldman done for us this year? »

As well, the presenter of TPMP People wonders what motivates the choice of the French. 'The bottom line is that when you're not seen anymore, people love you. » Indeed, Matthieu Delormeau explains that the artist has not given a concert for years. A situation confirmed by Frédéric Dabi of the FIFG. “The only category of population in which it does not dominate are young people aged 15 to 24. And for good reason, they don't know him: Goldman hasn't performed in ten years and has taken a vow of media abstinence ever since. »

In effect, as Matthieu Delormeau pointed out , Jean-Jacques Goldman is becoming more and more discreet. His goal ? Focus on family and personal life. They are my Fred Hidalgo also made confidences in this direction. “It took him several years to realize that this judgment was final. Because at the start, he simply wanted to take some distance from the scene. What really decided him to stop everything was his change of life. » It therefore seems that the French have a weakness for those who avoid showing off too much .

Source : Closer