Michel Cymes attacks François Hollande on his weight which answers cash

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The set of C à vous brought together Michel Cymes and François Hollande. But famous doctor teased the former president.

  Michel Cymes'en prend à François Hollande sur son poids qui répond cash

On France 5, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine always selects guests from C to you with care. Actors, political personalities… The set of this show often displays a nice cast. Recently, this program brought together Francois Hollande and Michel Cymes . Between the former President and the most famous doctor of the PAF, a few small spades were exchanged. We explain everything about this little TV show .

The hygiene of life, the angry subject

As with each new edition of It's up to you , comedian Mohamed Bouhafsi presented his column. His subject ? A miraculous new drug who was born in the Land of the Rising Sun. This little pill can have incredible effects on the body. The goal? Reproduce the effects of sport on the body . But this treatment is intended, in priority, for people with reduced mobility or bedridden.

It was enough for Michel Cymes! In a short video, the latter therefore made an appearance on the show . Indeed, the doctor considers that nothing is worth a balanced diet and real sports activity . He also took advantage of this intervention to remind François Hollande of a small memory.

In effect, the former president met Michel Cymes , a few years ago. François Hollande, like everyone else, has to take 6,000 steps a day. Besides, I would like to know if he does. Because at the time, when he was president, I know he was doing them because he showed me that on his smartphone. Does he still do them today? Well, I'm not sure! »

François Hollande responds to Michel Cymes

Let us recall that at the time of his campaign, in 2012, the former President had great efforts, to change his physical appearance . But during his five-year term, he had gradually gained weight. However, François Hollande did not wait for Michel Cymes to be self-deprecating . A trend confirmed by Gaspard Gantzer, they are former councilor in communication . » François Hollande spent his days making fun of his weight, his belly, his size, his hair. Of its contradictions too »

After the tackle from Michel Cymes, the one who married Julie Gayet , so replied with some amusement. » Indeed, when I was president, to encourage the French to take these 6,000 steps, this physical exercise without pills, he had installed an application on my laptop. »

The former President therefore wanted to insure Michel Cymes . According to him, he kept this habit. 'And so I still compel myself today, even if you don't see all the effects, I take 6,000 steps and I'm ready to meet Michel Cymes whenever he wants and I'll get compensation! »

It is true that Michel Cymes speaks out a lot for provide health advice to the public . Recently, he even released a book on the subject , A year 2023 in great shape . According to him, it is a question of making efforts on a daily basis, to keep the line without depriving yourself too much. What if I told you that taking care of your health might not be that complicated? The key – do you see me coming? – it’s prevention! And this requires a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis: physical activity, a balanced diet, regular sleep, better stress management...'

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